Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Photos Day...

Cranky Tess

School sign. "For the safety of our children" -- right. Quotation marks should not be used for emphasis. It makes no sense. To me this sign reads "wink, wink, nudge, nudge, yeah, it for the safety of the children. That's what we tell people anyway." I am having a tough time explaining what I mean. Dang it.

French road sign. I love the little pictogram cars.


  1. I get what you mean.

    Although they may actually intend this requirement for the safety of the children, by placing quotation marks around the statement, they make it look like sarcasm or snark. The underline should be enough emphasis.

    What is funny (sad funny, not haha funny) is that the people that put that sign up (and see it every day) are the folks teaching our children.

    And people wonder why I don't believe in state (read bureacrat) controlled education.

  2. Oh you mean the "safety" of our children. Sure. We "believe" in keeping kids "safe"...right.

    *Note to self - never cross Tess*

  3. Oops.

    I was a bad boy.

    Over there at the other place.

    Hope I didn't get you involved in anything.

    Sometimes, my patience for the bullshit wears a little thin.

    On a happier note, my eye has stop swelling and gooing so I'll probably be able to go back to work tomorrow and spend less time blogging.

  4. this is similar to the eyeroll I have when I see school signs about "busses" I'm like - uh. who is kissing kids at school?

  5. Anonymous10:10 PM

    You must really wear on yourself then

  6. I love the French roadsign!

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  8. Last comment deleted because I wanted to change it...

    Thanks for all the comments. Apparently I underestimated your intelligence, because you got the sign. Even with my moronic explanation. Next time I will just assume you all understand me. What is with people and their stupid use of quotations?

    Dawn, your comment made me laugh.

    Tasina -- I got that look just because I tried to make her wear that jacket. It's a shrug -- you know, really really short, and too girly for her, even though it is olive drab,no strike that -- juniper green with no lace or flowers or anything. (What is the code/tag/whatever for striking out a word? I thought I knew, but it says my tags are no good...)

    Jientje -- I love the pictograms on sings in Europe -- they can be so lighthearted and fun, instead of straight-forward boring stick figures.

    Anonymous -- you are welcome here, but this is my personal blog. I don't want arguments and nastiness from other places to spill over here. Thanks.

  9. Great road signs hehehe

    cheers Kim xx


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