Monday, January 14, 2008

New Camera!!!!!

Yay!!! Today my new camera arrived! Woot!

Unfortunately it came with two lithium ion batteries, both of which needed to be charged before I could actually use the camera (for TWO HUNDRED TEN MINUTES. What kind of crap is that?)

So I took pictures of the pieces and tried to read the brain doesn't read technical very well....

My brand new toy...


  1. Wow. Your fancy schmancy camera has now put mine back in the "ghetto" category.

  2. Sure, I have had the camera for 6 hours and 35 minutes and now I feel guilty.

    Way to ruin it for me, Tasina.

    (Just kidding!)

  3. Oooh Oooh *Jumps up and down with excitement*.. nice! very very nice.. My camera will be here ... wait for it.. in November or December *sigh*..Oh well it was the only way I would ever buy myself a new one...

    cheers Kim..

    p.s now get out there and start snappin woman.. hehehehehe

  4. Glad you've gotten your new camera.

    Although your pictures were pretty damn good already, so why you thought you needed a new one is beyond me.

    Is that like me wanting an XBOX 360 Elite, even though my 360 works just fine?

  5. Well, Kim, now you have something to look forward to...I will be snappin!

    Gee, DA, it's like you wanting an Elite because while your 360 does good stuff, it also will do stuff like kill the guy behind the guy you were aiming at...the old camera and I have focus issues -- the old camera doesn't always take the pictures I really wanted it to take...

    Or perhaps I am in fact a spoiled brat with a husband who adores me (plus he gets to use the camera too...).

    Oh, and thanks! It's always great to hear people like my photos...


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