Friday, February 01, 2008

Tucson in the rear view mirror

This morning (Friday morning, that is.... I know I am posting this on the following Tuesday. Sue me.) I drove

to San Diego for the 2nd Annual Girls' weekend. Tons of fun and laughter and catching up on family gossip.

Still 353 of 426 miles to go. Sigh.

Zach's hula girl in the rear view mirror. It was supposed to be Tucson in the rear view mirror, but I was driving while photographing. Not exactly a really great idea...

The drive from Tucson to San Diego is interesting...You start out in the Sonoran desert, drive through sand dunes like these, into mountains of enormous cracked boulders (photos of those on Monday's post), into the green and lush area of San Diego.

Of course, after driving so far (and being briefly sorta lost in San Diego), the proper way to start the weekend is with a Margarita.

We did in fact briefly allow testosterone at our weekend, since our cousin and his two terrific kids drove down from LA to have dinner with us Friday night. The laughter started immediately and lasted the entire weekend. Many stories and reminiscences were told -- nobody was spared. James and David and their adventures with tubes of oil paint and a vice in the machine shed, the encounters with electric fencing and cows and marijuana plants on the farm. All those things that kids do when parents are not watching...

We were on the 22nd floor of the Westin in downtown San Diego. Great hotel, great views, great food, great margaritas...What you cannot see in this photo is ocean. Not an ocean view like this:

(See the little strip of ocean there, between the buildings?) But an ocean view like this:

Tonight (Friday night) we ate and talked and drank some cocktails and pretended to make plans for the weekend (we are the queens of going off on a tangent in conversation. In fact most of our conversations are tangents. Staying on track, not our strong point.)

And by the way, my dear cousins, don't worry if you don't see any photos of yourself yet...the weekend is young, and I have photos of all of you...


  1. Actually I do, really like you, and I hope you come back soon.

    We don't always agree, but I think you are a good person.

    And once I cam here, I had to come back because I really dig your photos.


  2. Yay welcome Back.. Woot!!!

    cheers Kim :)

  3. Yes - missed you. Welcome back. Please don't be gone so long, again.

  4. Yay! You're back! Looks like you had a fun time.

    You - go off on a tangent??? NO WAY!!!!!

  5. Tangents are us. It took us all weekend to start planning the next event, and are not even close to any sort of solid is our friend.

    And Lou, unfortunately for you (but not for me!!!!!!!!!!!!) I am going to Italy with my son and his high school art class next month!!! I know y'all will miss me, but since my new camera has a memory card thing that has 2 GB, I can take approximately 6000 photos. That cracks me up...6000 photos. So I can document with photos pretty much every second of the trip!

  6. Welcome back...

    Tangent conversations are the only way to go... my sister, mom and I can carry on a minimum of 3-5 conversations at the same time with one another and stay caught up. Sounds as if your conversations (and planning) go much the same way!


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