Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekly Winners.

This was a good week for photos. I have a new camera, with a crazy 2 GB memory card -- which means I could take over 6000 photos before running out of space. 6000. SIX ZERO ZERO ZERO. That is insane photo orgy splurging. And the camera has a 3 frames per second setting (or something like that -- it takes continuous photos as long as I hold down the shutter. Which I find really fun. I am simple like that.)

Last weekend, I was in San Diego with my sister and cousins for our second annual girls' weekend. I took over 500 photos, and became the official photographer of the weekend, mainly because I was taking dozens of photos anyway. The photos from the weekend are here, and here, and here. Oh, yeah, and here. (If you don't want to follow all my damn links -- and who could blame you -- this one is the one with the best photos. Check it out. Whales, my goofy cousin(s), pelicans, an F16. How can you resist? Go on, we'll wait... ... ... glad you checked it out, right?)

Here are the highlights from the last two weeks:

Local and bizarre street signs (blogged about here)

Really cool photo from bad snapshot, and Tess's driving at night photo (blogged about here)

Random Weed and Barbed Wire

Driving at Night. Okay, Parking at Night.

Jasmine in the rear view mirror.

Picachu Peak

Driving while taking photos. Or...Taking photos while driving. Either way, kinda not really the safest thing to do. But I did it anyway.

Weird to me on so many levels.

Sad. Very sad. Margarita all gone.

Moon over San Diego.

Some people just stand around in elevators. Silly people.

Plants in the Palm.

Air Ship.

Why do I always think of Jurassic Park when I see pelicans?

Weird rain-not-so-much-a-bow.


Sometimes photos taken while driving work out...

Sometimes they don't.

Now go back to Lotus and check out the rest of the Weekly Winners. You won't be sorry. Really. I swear. Great Photos and commentary and cute kids and free coffee. Well, that's a total exaggeration there. Not all the kids are cute. (Kidding. I'm just kidding. Of course all the kids are cute. Kids are always cute, right?)


  1. I love all these pictures. I will be breaking into your home to steal your camera. Fair warning. That elevator shot is so awesome. Pretty good for someone of your advanced age. ;)

  2. Wow, I don't even know where to start with which I like best, so I won't. They were all amazing, and I'm glad that you can take 6000 shots if you want because you do good camera stuff ;)

  3. Thanks! I am grateful my relatives were so willing to keep bunching up quickly to get the elevator picture -- that elevator drops 22 floors really fast, and it took me several shots to get a really good one. And, tasina, are you surprised my walker doesn't show in that photo? ;)

  4. "Drops 22 floors really fast..." No, I'm just surprised that you're not all smashed up to the glass!

  5. These are all wonderful! I love the elevator one too...and yes, kids are cute!

  6. Excellent, excellent photographs. I loved every single one. My favorite, though: The elevator!!

  7. great pics! I love the lights at night pic, so cool.

    Great idea for the elevator shot too!

  8. I'm really drawn to "plants in the palm". I don't know why.

  9. so many divine images you have captured. I love your eye for detail and your ability to take photos while driving. The Lift shot is awesome.
    The clouds in b& w are cool.

  10. I love San Diego. Your new camera is working well for you!

  11. Great shots! I think the car tag is neat. :)

  12. Aren't new cameras great?

    My faves are the empty margarita glass and the one in the elevator. :)

  13. The elevator shot is genius! So cool. All the pictures are great.

  14. I love the night shot. Squiggly lights...very cool! Looks like you had a great time :)

  15. DUDE. Great shots!

    The one with the rainbow in it instantly became my fav. :-)

  16. Hi. I love the cloudscape (2nd shot) and the abstract night shot. Both just so good! I sometimes drive while I'm taking shots too! Thanks for sharing with us!

  17. your photos are GORGEOUS!!!!

    i love the elevator shot. it's so fun.

    and this week, i shot photos while my HUSBAND drove. much safer ;-)

  18. Those are all amazing! I especially love the reflections and the shot in the elevator - very clever!

  19. Great shots - and I like the elevator thing, too.

  20. Great pictures! You have a good eye!

  21. Your photos are great... so jealous of your new camera!


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