Friday, February 29, 2008

Busy busy day...

  • 7:25 am load Abe and Mojo into the Suburban for 20 minute drive to vet's.
  • 7:28 am hit local 4 way stop that morons cannot seem to understand -- really, how hard is it to realize traffic running parallel can all cross intersection at same time? Instead, cars go from one direction at a time. Good thing Suburban is not equipped with machine gun.
  • 7:30 am hit first red light.
  • 7:31 am pull onto 5 mile road with no possibility of passing -- granny out for Sunday drive would be annoyed by how slow the traffic is going.
  • 7:38 am hit second, third fourth, fifth sixth, seventh, eighth, every traffic light red.
  • 7:59 am get to vet's. take Abe in, because Mojo is so hyper I cannot control both, plus neglected to bring second leash.
  • 8:04 am take Mo in, watch (and, okay, kinda enjoy) Brendan the expert dog handler have tough time getting Mojo under control and in the back for blood draw.
  • 8:10 am talking to Mark on phone, and hitting Starbuck's...

enough with the minute by minute...get home, feed Mo -- who shockingly was hesitant to eat. Mo has a thing about food. Mo eats his 1 3/4 cups of food in under 30 sec sometimes. I think he was missing Abe, and perhaps is slightly freaked because I have become Cesar the Dog Whisperer's clone. I actually, just by body language, got both dogs to sit and look at me instead of barking madly at the UPS truck. I made Mojo sit down in the vet's office, even though there was a dog right there, and I made him follow me from the Burb to the front door. I actually want him to do something so I can go all Cesar on his ass...

Called the bank, ordered checks, called Mark about something, walked down to the main street for Zach to pick me up -- he left school to go to the dentist. Dentist took almost no time at all.

Zach was hungry for Taco Bell, but unfortunately there was a school bus/car accident and traffic was routed around the exact block we needed to drive down to get to Taco Bell. He settled for McD's. And it's still only just 10:30, because they switched over to lunch just as we got there. Didn't go well, their switchover -- it took them ten minutes to fill a simple sandwich and fries order.

In the afternoon, Zach and I -- Zach stayed home after the dentist because allergies were making him feel horrible -- we ordered him new luggage from LL Bean and REI. It's his graduation present from my parents, though he's getting it a bit early so he can use it in Italy. We leave for Italy in ... 17 days I think!

I also made brownies with the amazing Ghiradelli's frosting for Tess's fine arts open house, fed the kidlets, sent Zach off to a meeting about the Italy trip and went and saw Tess in a play. She was a robber and got in a big stage fight. It was great! In slow motion she banged two people's heads together, got punched, and crawled off the stage in great pain. Loads of fun. Got one of the biggest reactions of the evening. Photos tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, Abe had surgery again, Dr L is pissed that a third surgery was needed -- pissed in general, just that it's not working. I am going to sedate the hell out of that dog until it heals. Poor dog. It has been a tough time for him...

Gratuitous random photo...Mark and I drove up Mount Lemmon one day...It's a fascinating drive -- goes from the desert floor to 8000 feet or so. We go through four or five or six different zones, from saguaro desert to scrub to mixed forest to conifer. (Okay, this is totally not scientific or probably even correct, but I have to post this in the next minute or it's Friday.)

There are lots of interesting rock formations like this on MT Lemmon. 30 seconds to go...Must post now...


  1. I had all these nice things I was going to say... but I am totally gobsmacked by that awesome shot..

    can I pinch it? have you got more? I can see a sculpture in that .. wow..

    yours droolingly kim *sigh*

  2. Great picture. Busy day. My SIL and one BIL live in the Phoenix area. I would LOVE to spend some time out there with my camera in hand - and one of these days, I will. The desert is beautiful and the mountains in the desert are spectacular. You're lucky to live in such a photogenic area.

  3. WTH is it with 4-way stops??? People here can't handle them either. And God forbid that one of the like THREE stop lights goes out and they put up the 4-way stop signs...that's like th end of the world here. Grrrr.

    Can I come to Italy with you? I'll be quite and carry luggage and you won't even notice I'm there.

  4. Yeah, Tasina, you and my vet. Sure, got $2500 laying around?

  5. Oh, that's not a bribe, that's how much it will cost you to join our tour...


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