Friday, February 08, 2008


I am now trying to catch up...I realize I posted on Tuesday and Wednesday, but for Friday and I don't have posts for Tuesday or Wednesday. Monday's is done, must scroll down and see the weird rainbows saw on the way home. It's okay, go check it out. I'll wait. ... ... .... ... ... ...Weird rainbows, huh. And the cloud photos. What a goof I am.

Other stuff, in no apparent order or sense:

Tess got her IPod Shuffle from All Laundry Detergent, and I got twelve coupons for 32 ounce bottles of All Small and Mighty laundry detergent, all because Tess's school won that Greenest School in America contest...Her IPod Shuffle is green, and she and Zach have loaded about 40 songs on it. She used some Christmas money to buy herself some headphones -- she doesn't like the earbuds. I will add a couple photos of the Shuffle and headphones on my weekly winners...

The detergent -- 384 ounces of it -- will handle all our clothes for I think well over a year...When we get to Alaska I plan to go pick up all the detergent, so I don't have to keep track of the coupons. Each bottle says it does 32 loads, and I always use a little less than they recommend, and I don't do 32 loads a month, so cool. And I can get the free and clear stuff, since I never ever ever use anything with perfumes (it took forever to find a dishwasher detergent that was free and clear, and such a relief when I did, because Zeke finally stopped smelling the drinking glasses before he uses them. He thought they often stank of the kids are such a pain.)

So Tess is now serenading us regularly -- not on purpose, but rather just because she is wandering around singing along to music only she can here. Thank goodness she likes great songs, and isn't singing Aaron Carter...

Zeke got his first college acceptance letter yesterday. The University of Arizona (in Tucson) has invited him to attend their school of health and stuff ... okay, I went and got the letter for the picky and precise amongst you:

Congratulations! You have earned admission the The University of Arizona for Fall 2008 as a(n) Health and Human Services Administration major in the Karl Eller College of Management.

He is not likely to attend UA, and there was little doubt he would be accepted by them, but it was still exciting and a relief to get the letter. We are still waiting to hear from a couple other schools, including two that have insane standards because everyone and their dog wants to go there, the Universities of Washington and Minnesota. I still want him to go to UAA -- the University of Alaska at Anchorage, at least for the freshman year, because otherwise he is going to be so damn far away from me...But in the end, it's his life and his choice. And I know he will do great wherever he ends up. (But I am still going to keep pushing UAA...Go SeaWolves!)

PS...I have now also done my Tuesday post -- if it's Tuesday, it must be...Tired Tuesday...


  1. I am so totally confused now.. I think it is Saturday here but ummm

    Yay for Zach... Woot!!! how old do you have to be for college? I mean here it is university at the end of year 12.. so the average age for first year uni would be about 18...

    cheers kim..

  2. Congrats on the college thing. That's great!

    And what's your address so that I can start sending you all my laundry?


  3. Kim...yeah, it's 18 generally. Zach will be 18 in March and starts at University in the fall.

    And Tasina...I will get right on that. Really.


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