Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Bloody Rainy Sunday.

Sunday was rainy in San Diego.

I did take some photos of the rain on glass, which was fun since rain is rare in Tucson. Which you would think would mean I don't mind the occasional rain drop. HA. I hate rain. I hate cloudy gloomy days. I think my allergies to molds and mildew makes rainy days and gloomy damp weather so horrible for me that it is now a psychological thing...I hate gray rainy days.

So Sunday in San Diego. (I went off on a bit of a tangent there... Who here is surprised?)
We again had breakfast -- hey. A person's gotta eat...Two of our group had to leave Sunday morning (work is such a bugger.). The rest of us went to see Michael something with George Clooney Clanton? dang now I have to google...Clayton. Michael Clayton. That's what we saw. I think I need to see it again when I am a bit more sister and cousins pointed out several times to me that I did fall asleep for a couple minutes. I never fall asleep at movies, but I have this stupid cough left over from my cold and it keeps waking me up at night. Plus the gray rainy day thing. And the movie was very gray. Look at the sky behind George...I would like to see it again, when I am in the right mood. (When we went to this movie, I knew nothing of it. Not one detail. Which is okay, but I don't think that works so great when it's such a subtle movie -- lots of hinted at and suggested things. Not a great movie to be sleepy. You always feel like you just missed something important. I mean, the movie is like that anyway, and then when you add sleep confusion, well, it's just hopeless. I am still not even sure if I liked it...)

Did you notice? That was sort of a tangent there...I am tangent woman!

After the movie we wandered around the Gas Lamp district (?). I think that's what it was called. I really wasn't paying that much attention. Anyway, wherever it was, there are lots of cool buildings like this one:
And this one:

And a Ghiradelli's Chocolate and Ice Cream Parlor.

May I just say, "Yum."

It was still raining, so we went back to the hotel

(the atrium of the hotel had this gigantic gold and bright green sculpture hanging there. It was pretty interesting, and completely did not fit the current theme of the hotel, which is all "spa" and "breathe" and "relax" and "unwind" and "calm" and bright green plexiglass panels just do not fit that mood. My sister and I think the green is left over from a previous incarnation of the hotel and that they either did not bother to change the panels, or that it is in fact art (although I saw no little art plaque thingie) and thus the green was in fact chosen by the artist and cannot be changed. Still, what color is "breathe"? They can't make it gray, because that would be boring. Pastels would be ucky, vibrant jewel tones would work, I guess. I dunno. It's a great hotel anyway, and I like the green. Plus it's about five stories high, and changing that art work would be a bastard...)

Tangent woman strikes again!

and we watched the rest of the Super Bowl. (The beginning of that sentence is waaaaaayyyy up there, before the whole discussion of the hotel green thingie. Tangents R Us.)

And ordered in pizza. And chatted and laughed and goofed for the rest of the evening, again in our jammies, and again, I am not posting those photos.

Tomorrow. Parting is such sweet sorrow...


  1. Hiya Tangent woman.. Can I be your sidekick?? You could call me Distracto-Lass.. Umm I am supposed to be doing something but I got distracted by your tangents...

    Oh yes It was the Laundry... bugger.

    cya... cheers DL

  2. Hmmmm... apparently Young Thor thinks Distracto Lass should get back to the Laundry...

    hmmmmmm......*evil snicker*


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