Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen Things about Julie

I am way late on this day, so perhaps I will post thirteen things that went wrong today...

  1. The kids didn't have school today -- it's Rodeo (yes, my kids get off for Rodeo instead of President's day), and I still had to get up early to drop Abe off at the vet for a post-surgical check.
  2. Abe needs another surgery. Dr. L has never had to do this surgery a second time, and yet on Abe he has to do it a third time.
  3. I showed up at the hospital half an hour before my appointment. It took them 39 minutes to call my name and do the paperwork.
  4. The hospital requires me to do all the paperwork every time. I declined to take the fourth copies of the same forms I have signed the last three times I was at this hospital.
  5. I got a bagel from Bruegger's -- cinnamon raisin with cream cheese. It was yummy, but there was enough cream cheese for three bagels on it. And since I was driving while eating it, I was a little messy.
  6. I spilled a glass of cranberry juice all over the chair and the floor in the infusion department at the hospital.
  7. I wanted half a yard of fabric for a traveler's pouch for Zach. All the clerks at JoAnn's cutting counter were on slow mo extremely careful and tediously precise mode, and the three women ahead of me had a dozen bolts of fabric each.
  8. Traffic lights. All were red. Except for one, and then we had to wait, because there was an ambulance coming.
  9. Okay, I am changing this to 8 things that went wrong and 5 that were great...#9 is Starbucks grande nonfat caramel macchiato and Bruegger's Bagels.
  10. I was listening to the radio while bringing Abe home -- they announced an accident at an intersection that I had driven through ten minutes earlier. So while somebody had a bad day, it wasn't me.
  11. Zeke cleaned the family room. And hung up some wet laundry.
  12. I got flamed in yesterday's comments, and Maggie and Tasina (who are most wonderful and funny people) jumped in and made some really good arguments.
  13. Zachary, Thor and Tess. And Mark. Always great. Even when they are cranky, or maybe despite when they are cranky.
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  1. I saw that flame thing by the anonymous person. There's a reason for 'blog owner approval' method of comments. I turned mine off on LouCeeL, but if that kind of crap starts on my blog I'll turn it right back on - and anonymous flames will never see the light of day. If you want to flame me then you better have a name. It's too bad that idiots take advantage like that.

  2. I was going to go big-blue-gorilla-medieval on anon's ass...but...I didn't want to go overboard. :)

  3. Honestly, I found it kind of funny. Hedonistic. I swear I laugh every time I think about it. And Gina, who at least left her name or a name, obviously completely missed the whole point, since her answer was to bemoan the fact that everyone just doesn't behave. To her standards. (That was the whole point, Gina -- you have no right to decide the standards...)

    I have no hesitation in deleting comments that are really nasty. These just struck me as ignorant and inadvertently humorous, so I left them. But I am with you Lou, if you are going to be nasty, then at least be a man about it. Own your nastiness, don't hide behind blog anonymity -- geesh, you are already just words on a computer screen. Lame.

    And I gotta remember this one: "go big-blue-gorilla-medieval", That is funny.

  4. Marilyn8:58 PM

    Jules - I left my comment on the wrong day. Anyway, I'm gonna tell Mom that you're hedonistic and morally bankrupt. She'll be so excited that one of us has left the reserved Norwegian thing behind!


  5. I love your 13, even if it's for things that didn't go right, and I'm glad you kept the comments up because it's a good reminder that there are people out there with ideas that frighten me. I'd hate for them to sneak up on me, especially without condoms ;)

  6. I never understood why hospitals need 15000 copies of stuff...or the excessive cream cheese.
    So sorry you got flamed! I'm glad MAggie and Tasina were there for you :)

  7. If I'd known you would include getting flamed in your secondary list of good things...

    I'd have done it a long time ago!!

    Tee Hee

  8. Hey DA. After that other place, it was more like a mild sunburn than a flame...

    Thanks Sandy, and Maggie, your comment made me and my sister laugh!


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