Monday, February 25, 2008

I never should have used cancer in the title...

Today I had a couple of rather interesting google searches. I have had plenty of rats and laboratory cancer searches lead to me, and lots of them about dogs and fluconazole (I don't know if I spelled that right -- it's Mojo's anti-fungal medicine for Valley Fever) and Valley Fever. I have had searches for "funny laboratory photos" and stuff about laboratory rats and cancer, including wanting to know how to give rats cancer...But these are just huh.

Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, ended up on my blog while searching "why do pretzels cause cancer'...So not only am I subverting the morals of the world with my hedonism, but now I find out I am encouraging the wanton use of carcinogenic snack foods.

And I am very sorry to disappoint Bedford, of Bedfordshire, somewhere in the UK, who wandered onto my site looking for "photos of rats kissing." I don't want to know why someone would want to see that...but somehow I feel once again that I am subverting the morals of my little corner of the world...

Someone in Petaling Jaya, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia, searched "meatloaf's cause cancer."

All of these people clicked through to my blog. Presumably they did not find what they were searching for. Maybe I could fill a need here... Perhaps the meatloaf/pretzel cancer connection needs further research -- I will have an extra bedroom when my son goes away to college next year, and we already have two guinea pigs, and then I can also supply funny laboratory photos.

Perhaps then I can redeem myself for all those years of pretzel hedonism...


  1. Hey you who causes confusion amongst the henonsistic world of today (or whatever, i'm a bit foggy today) I've tagged you and given you a gift. Come by when you can.

  2. Your kids' meatloaf doesn't cause causes people to buy CAGES! ;)

    ::you know i'm joking - i think the meatman is a riot::

  3. my best google search of the day "do you pee in your maxi pad"

  4. Dawn, ugh. That's kinda disgusting...

  5. The crazy google searches always creep me out.
    Meatloaf and pretzels huh? But they taste so good! ;)

  6. Hello. Me again. I finally played the book meme game. I know. Good grief, Charlie Brown. I'm really behind! Have a gr8 day and hope you're doing something more productive than I am.

  7. People will search for anything, and it's amazing just what those things are.

    I wanted to thank you for your kind comments on my blog, too, about the "apartness" going on here. Ours is small time compared to yours, but it's encouraging knowing that strong women make it through in one piece, so thank you!


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