Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday, Monday...


Another restless night for the Mo, which means another restless night for me since Mojo sleeps on the bed with me when Mark's not around.

It wasn't as restless as the time I got 80 pounds of dog food at Costco and left them in the dining room overnight -- that night Mojo kept getting off the bed to make sure Abe wasn't getting his food. I should have known to put the food in the garage right away, because Mojo had spent all evening laying by the two bags of food and grumbling low in his throat whenever Abe dared to glance into that room.

Yesterday the kids and I went to see Juno (which is a fabulous fab-u-lous movie! I loved it and can't wait for it to come out on DVD. Especially since it was set in Minnesota and the characters had a subtle Minnesota accent...Which I totally still have, even though I have only lived one of the last twenty three years in Minnesota. I say "Minnesoooota" no matter how hard I try not to. It is somehow impossible to emphasize anything but the "oooo". I guess those first twenty two years in Minnesota are too deeply embedded. )

I usual. Anyway, I went to Costco on Saturday and didn't notice/remember that I bought a 15 pound box of dog treats and that the children had once again left it in the dining room. So when we went to the movie, we locked Abe in the cage, because he is not supposed to be too too active yet, since his last surgery was only a few weeks ago. (And in case Tasina has confused you all, Abe is a DOG, not one of my children. I rarely toss any of my children in the cage when I go out.) Moj had the run of the place, except the bedrooms, because he is pretty calm.

This is why we don't put both of them in the cage when we leave...if one gets cranky, the other has no way to get away. Although, thinking about it, we shouldn't really do this, because Cesar the Dog Whisperer says you should treat the dogs equally, and regularly hurling one into a cage isn't really treating them equally at all. (Also, "hurling" is poetic license, since we actually just say "get in the cage, Abe," while tossing a handful of little treats in there. And he goes quite willingly.)

Anyway, Moj noticed the sealed box of treats. Which shortly became the ripped open box of treats. Poor Abe was stuck in the cage, watching Moj have all the fun and all the treats. I estimate that the Mojster had maybe 15 treats -- the big 3 inch ones, too, not just some little LivaSnaps or something.

Which brings me back to his restless night. He woke me up around 3:30 am when he got down off the bed. Mojo never ever EVER gets down off the bed at night. So I was laying there, wondering if the dog food bin was open, wondering if Mojo was standing with his front paws on the kitchen table digging into that same box of treats, or if he was just hot. I sure was, with Mojo and Abe both sleeping against me, even though I had turned the heat off a couple days ago (two days after we had snow it was 75. Go figure.)

Abe and Mojo, since the Dog Whisperer says you should treat all the dogs equally, now both get to sleep on the bed with me when Mark is not home. I know. It would be so much more comfortable to not have either on the bed, but that ship is long since sailed. Both start out leaning against me, so that when I shift positions, they fall against me. This happens until I am sleeping on perhaps a foot of bed, when I realize and make them move over. And then it repeats. All night.

So I was laying there, half awake, wondering if Mojo was foundering himself on treats or food, and wondering if it was necessary to get up and check on him...Abe was sleeping peacefully, which made me think Mojo was not in fact snacking, because Abe would probably be hanging out waiting for his turn.

I got up, even though I really did not want to, and good thing, because Moj was doing his urgency dance in front of the back door. Mojo's gut doesn't appreciate being too full (which I found out the hard way shortly after we adopted him. But that's a long and disgusting story which I will save for another day. Thank me. It's really disgusting.). So Moj did his thing in the back yard, while I made sure all food and treats were secured against midnight raiding, and then we both went back to bed.

Mojo is just lucky he is such a sweetie. And that they don't make glue outta dogs...


  1. Did I ever mention my very slight dog phobia? No? I still think they BOTH look like they can unhinge their jaws and eat toddlers. *shiver* Uh...nice doggie....

  2. I also really like the contrast between our posts for the day. Yours is a loving tribute to family pets....mine is wishing death and extinction on birds. Cool. You win.

  3. hehehehehe.. Harry had a restless night last night as well.. but that was because he had treed a feral cat earlier on in the evening and he wanted to go out and bark at it all night... *sigh*

    cheers kim..

  4. Oh my gosh - Mojo, I give you huge hugs! Adorable stories. Heheheheh


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