Wednesday, February 13, 2008

4 Things About MEME

Somewhere somebody tagged me, but I can't remember here it is!

4 Jobs I've Had
Cashier World Market
President of Officers' Spouses Club (no pay, but Power. Power. Power! Ha.)

4 Movies Watched Over and Over
Sleepless in Seattle
Frankenstein (I like old horror movies...)
BBC's Pride and Prejudice
Waking Ned Devine

4 Places I Have Lived
Washington State
The Netherlands
West Germany

4 Shows I Watch
Anything on BBC or Fox with Gordon Ramsay
neat, Cleansweep, How Clean is Your House, all those shows where people are horribly filthy or messy or unorganized, until the expert straightens them out

4 Places I Have Been
Skiing in the Austrian Alps
the Space Needle

4 People Who E-mail Me
Eddie Bauer
Vaigra 4 less (apparently a large segment of my email correspondents think I have an inadequate male member...)

4 Favorite Things To Eat
Mexican food and a great margarita
Pasta with broccoli, bell peppers, olives, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes
potato soup
dark chocolate cake with my chocolate glaze and a really good dark roasted whole bean coffee

4 Places I Would Rather Be
By the ocean
On/in the lake
at the movies
In the shower

4 Things I Look Forward To This year
Italy in March (with my new camera with insanely huge memory card and two lenses!)
Zeke graduating from high school (or not. I am so not ready for him to go away to college!)
Moving to Alaska
Family Reunion in Chicago this summer

So if this looks like fun, then grab it and do it!


  1. I knew I liked you.... we watch the same TV networks and programs!!

  2. I left you bling for your blog on my blog!

  3. Remember, before you move to Alaska you have to stock up on art supplies because Blicks' free shipping only applies to the 48 contiguous States. And yes, we watch the same TV stuff, except the last one - i hate messy houses and I refuse to participate in their redemption.


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