Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thirteen Reasons my Family Loves Me...

This is my first Thursday Thirteen...seems like fun, so I thought I would give it a whirl...

Thirteen Things about Julie

  1. I give things a whirl. I am always willing to try stuff, although I am often apprehensive about it. But we have lived in Germany and The Netherlands, because of Mark being the Army guy, and once you have lived in another culture, feeling like a sore thumb and an idiot most of the time becomes natural.
  2. I have weird obsessions. Shopping bags. I have an enormous pile of shopping bags. I have strange ones, like from a bagel place in Cologne, Germany, and a pile of Old Navy bags, because my kids like cheap t-shirts. We use them, though, they are not on display or anything...
  3. I am funny. I am.
  4. I make sound effects when I talk. The dog didn't bark, the dog went 'woof", and the tires went "eee ee ee eeee eee". Just yesterday I was thinking I need to add that facet of my quirkiness to my blogging.
  5. I am good with dogs. Dogs really like me. I am not exaggerating when I say I am god to Mojo.
  6. I can cook. I make stuff that tastes great. Especially soup and chocolate desserts.
  7. I don't make them eat it when I make something they don't like. My kids never have to eat something they don't want to. Because I want them to make decisions for themselves, and how can they do that if I don't allow them to make decisions, and because they throw up very very easily.
  8. I am very creative. (Which means that I am also messy. I wish those two were not so hand in hand.) I : quilt, sew, bead, make bracelets, paper collage, scrapbook, crochet, paint (walls, not photos, but with depth and texture, not flat), dye fabric, photograph stuff, photoshop those photographs, and draw cartoons. Hey I got to 13. I cannot knit, however. Tried and suck at it.
  9. I play video games. I love Dead Rising and Rock Band, but Gears of War is the best game ever.
  10. I hang all their t shirts to dry. (Okay, right now we don't have a dryer, but even if we did, I still would not put their t shirts in the dryer because they shrink and the design fades faster.) Not only do I hang them up to dry, I hang them by the hems, because they complained about hanger bumps in the shoulders.
  11. I love color. I hate white walls in my home. So when we live in our own house, I paint.
  12. My kids get to choose the colors in their rooms. Zeke is dark brown, Thor has a creamsicle room -- three walls are white and orange blended together with the woolie roller and a red wall, and Tess, who is very into dragons, has a blue room with a stone look vinyl floor with an antique bed and wall sconces that look like torches.
  13. Hey! Last one! I thought this would be harder than it, #13...drawing a blank...Okay. I laugh at myself. We were walking down this rather steep road from a castle outside Prague when I tripped and fell flat on my face. Wham! (See? there are those sound effects.) I get up and look up and there is an entire terrace of Europeans eating lunch, and looking at me. Okay, so I don't know that they were looking at me, but it felt like they were all looking at I bowed. I took a big deep bow and then when around the corner and bandaided my hands, which were scraped up and bleeding...

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  1. Welcome! I love color as well! Great list! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. A wonderful list!
    Not only do I feel like I know you, just a bit, I also like you!
    Keep thirteening!

  3. Welcome to TT, this is a wonderful list....I can't do Gears of War, but I play a mean Samauri Knights with the kids :)

  4. Congrats on your first TT! This is such a great idea for a list -- a good confidence booster,I bet. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Great list.. We have a lot in common.. I didn't know that messy and creative went together.. I thought I was messy because I just was um well a messy person.. thanks julie heaps..

    woohooo I am messy because... *skips away*

    cheers Kim xx

  6. Well also because you are so remarkably cool!!! I absolutely love #7. We ask that the kids try three bites of food - if they still don't like it, they don't have to eat it again.

  7. WElcome to TT!

    What a fun list..Congrats to your son and thanks for letting us get to know you!

  8. I hate white walls too.
    I really, really hate people who can't decide which shade of white they want for their walls or their wedding invitations! (never bring me color samples and ask "which should i use exciting eggshell or amusingly milky?" )

  9. A really amusing list. I do sounds too... meh and pfft usually. My brother sends me a reply to one of my emails and says, "Ok. I give up. What's MEH?" I had to reply and tell him... it's a sound. LOL

  10. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Julala, as your sister I can attest that all 13 items are true. You do have weird obsessions - I would go so far as to say that your tendency toward serial obsessions is weird, too, but I digress. You are a great cook - everyone loved the potato/broccoli/cheddar cheese soup. The entire giant pot is gone. (Esteban asked me why I was making something new - guess I need to do that more often!) Also, I think I should note that I personally heard you "woof" AT your dogs last week, so maybe you should add foreign language skills as a strength...

  11. Julala???? Your sister must be as cool as you!! Julala. I totally love that.

  12. Yes, that could be another 13 -- names my family has for me...Julala and JuJu and Ju and Jules, for starters...

  13. Great TT! Love every word of it! I always knew I liked you, and now I know why!

  14. I'm just now catching up, but I loved your first TT! Looking forward to next week, which is this week, but I'm still not caught up ;)


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