Saturday, February 09, 2008

Showing Off On Saturday.

Dawn of Alex Year One has thrown down the gauntlet...So here are my top five Songs That Remind Me of High School...

Except that it's more like songs that remind me of me teens and twenties, because I have no idea when I first listened to them...

#1 all time has got to be Elvis Costello's Radio Radio. Best song ever. I listened to this every night before working the midnight shift the summer I worked at 3M, because I could have it looping through my brain all night, instead of the Top 40 crap from the radio. This video doesn't have the best sound or video quality, but it was recorded in 1978 and really captures the feel of seeing him in concert and the driving beat of this song. (I have seen Elvis Costello in concert five or six all time favorite by far musician.)

#2 Wall of Voodoo Mexican Radio. Are you starting to get the feeling I didn't fit in very well to a small town Minnesota high school?

#3 The Clash Really torn here between London Calling and Rock the Casbah...I'm going with Rock the Casbah.

#4 Warren Zevon Werewolves of London. "Aaaah-hooooooooooh! Werewolves of London!"

#5 For a complete change of pace...John Prine Paradise. John Prine at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis was one of the best concerts I have ever seen, with the bonus that one of the guys from Squeeze was playing with him so they did Tempted. Ooh, Tempted...Damn. I can't decide, so those two tie for my #5 spot...
edited to add...I think that the Tempted thing was actually at an Elvis Costello concert, maybe. Well, either way, it was a great bonus to the concert, and one of my favorite songs. So they still tie.)

There you go, Dawn. The soundtrack of my youth.


  1. Man did those bring back memories!!! Especially Rock the Casbah. Great list!

  2. I know you're a little bit older than me....but all those could be on my high school play list too. Great songs. Love the Clash. I was so sad when Joe Strummer died.

  3. I didn't mean it that way. :(

  4. Harumph!!!


    When I was young, we didn't have cassettes, we were forced to listen to 45s...and woe to the brother who broke the last plastic insert so you could play your 45s without being a mathematical genius and center it exactly on the turntable (of course, back then we called them record players).

    To show you just how old I am, most of the songs of my youth were heard on AM radio ('cuz there were only about 10 total FM stations, and that was in L.A. ).

    And by the way, is it really fair to mock my glacial posting habits, when you spent 3 days catching up 6 days of posting?

    Double Harumph!!

    Tee Hee!

  5. Rock the Cashbar! Rock the Cashbar!

    (I lived in Minnesota for three years.)

  6. I'd have to go with London Calling because it is the best ringtone ever!! (Well, it's a toss-up actually between that and Blondie's Call Me, and yes, I have both on my phone!)

    Great list, though!

  7. It was tough, Donna -- both are great songs. I didn't even think of Blondie. Good thing it was five songs, or I would have never been able to stop!


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