Tuesday, February 05, 2008

If It's Tuesday, it must be... ... TIRED Tuesday.

Man. This past weekend wore me right out. Today, Tuesday, I took Marilyn to the airport, did a few things like put the shampoo back in the bathroom, took a nap, made Zach go get Tess because I did not feel capable of driving. Oh, and slept.

Exhausted. Worn out. Pooped. Dragging. Wiped out. Sleepy. Tired. Yawn. Nackered...no, knackered. Too pooped to party.

Like this:

Mark and Zach, 3 days old

Okay, they are not asleep. But it's hard to tell when looking at a tiny thumbnail.

Thor sleeping on Mojo. Abe one good kick from falling off the couch. (And, no, Mark, I did not authorize this...)

They really are asleep here. Why they are laying like this I don't know.

Abe on Morphine. He is completely out of it. I mean completely zoned. His eyes are open, but he is not seeing.

I am sure Zach would be thrilled beyond words to see this photo.
Oh, well.

Zach just after painting the last state. This was his Eagle Scout project -- repainting a map of the US on an elementary school playground.

Tess. Asleep. Man, her hair is a lot longer now...

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