Thursday, February 14, 2008

Really Really Big and Terrific News!

(Sharing the news)

My son the ever-wonderful Zachary (also known as Zeke, which I know. confusing.) is now

drum roll please

AN EAGLE SCOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night he had his board of review, and passed it. Impressed the HELL outta them, in fact, and is now An EAGLE SCOUT!!! Ten years of Boy Scouts, good and bad, hours and days of taking this map from this: to this: on a school playground for his project, all culminated last night in the ultimate rank a guy can get.

We are very very proud.


  1. Oh Yay!!! Your children rock!!!!

    cheers kim xx :)

  2. From someone who only made it to Life Scout, but was a Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 110, I know just how difficult this was for him.

    Congratulations Zachary, Zach and Zeke (just covering all the bases, there).

  3. Oh congratulations!!!

  4. Rock on, Zeke!

    He's so handsome in his uniform, Julie!

  5. Thank you all, and yeah, Lotus, I think he's pretty dang cute.

  6. I know how proud you are ---- He may be the Eagle Scout, but YOU are the Eagle Scout MOM and without you he probably wouldn't have made it. Congratulations to both of you. :)

  7. congrats! my brothers and my hubs did this :)

  8. yayyyyyyy zeke! i was in Brownies for a week...hehe


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