Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekly Winners

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Killer Bunnies.
New game...Vicious and lots of fun.

I get to kill my kids' bunnies with impunity (and kitchen whisks!)

I know. But it's fun.

I know, I used this one yesterday. But I have very few good photos this week...

I love this photo of Abe. It makes him seem thoughtful, pensive, deep,
when we all know he's a big git...

He's kinda squinty...

and apparently has a radioactive tongue. Look at that glow!
(note the subtle use of focal black and white to hide the enormous dust
bunny under the sideboard...)


Mojo, another big git, sighing on my favorite warlord rug from Afghanistan.

His very favorite position, laying as close to me as possible.
See that white spot on his forehead, the one that looks kind of like
that dot Indian women have? That's his bald spot from where Abe
bit him. I wish his damn hair would grow back already. Oh, and my new jeans.
In the seventies, they would be"bell-bottoms", but I guess that
is hopelessly out of date, so instead these are flare. Way flare. I had
totally forgotten about how you catch your foot in the hem and
fall spectacularly. Not that I have fallen yet. Yet.

The Moon.

Behind my palm tree. This branch is dying, so the photo looks
much better in black and white.


  1. I like the killer bunnies pics, nice color :)

  2. hehehehe YAY..for killer bunnies..
    I want to join your hedonistic pretzel club too!!!
    But I don't think that I can be bothered *yawn* ooops wrong club application... that was the "apathetic as all buggery club" ooops!!!! hehehe Keep up the good work

    cheers kim

    ps great moon behind the palm..

  3. The dog pictures are great, my favourite is the pensive one of Abe, and the moon of course!
    I've been thinking about you on Friday, we were in Maastricht!
    And Tongeren, and Maaseik, I'm sure you must 've visited while living in Geleen?

  4. Love that last moon pic. Gah! I miss my camera. I've been bound to my laptop camera only for over a month now after my camera broke.

  5. I love all of them. Abe looks as though he might fit in well at my place... with that radioactive tongue and all!

    Just have to say though, that photo of the can I describe it? Goosies, it gave me goosies. Brilliant.

  6. Beautiful ♥ Doggie photos - he looks so lovable and faithful
    The Moon rocks !

    My WW is up
    My Little Drummer boys

  7. We will have to check out the game and I love the moon...beautiful.

  8. I really like the black and white of the dog, it has a great texture.
    (The dog is very photogenic too!)

  9. Killer bunnies!!?? Do you feed them pretzels?

    Love the last shot...something kind of haunting about it.

    I want some new "flare" jeans...I love that this style finally came back because I am WAY short and these look good on shorties. :)

  10. My cousin would love Killy Bunnies Game. I might have to remember that as a gift.

    Love your photos, truly!

  11. I thought Geleen was in Holland?
    Is it not?

  12. Abe with his tongue out is adorable!
    He's such a gorgeous dog. Always reminds me of my childhood pit bull. Looks just like 'im. :-)

  13. whats a dog got to eat to have a radioactive tongue???

  14. LOL. We need that game. :)

    I love the one where he's laying on your legs...

  15. I love, love, love the moon shot. I didn't do weekly winners again *boob*

    I'm detoxing and am living to tell about it.

  16. That is a great shot of the moon! I love it!

    And I love your adorable!

  17. I have got something for you... cheers Kim

  18. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Ahhh...Killer Bunnies. Having played it, do you understand why I would hike ten miles in wind and rain just to spend three or four hours playing that damn game? That's how addicted I was.

    Very sadly, there is no one around here interested in playing it with me. You shall have to come visit and I will kill your bunnies dead.

  19. We'll be in Olympia in June...Killer Bunnies tournament time for sure. And I think you would hike ten miles in wind and rain for no reason other than hiking ten miles, because you are quite insane, I think.

    But yes, I quite see how Killer Bunnies would make otherwise normal people (not you, of course, you are not normal) go to great lengths to play.

    (I am assuming anon is you, Mica...You could sign your comment, you know, even your mom figured out how...)

  20. And I will kill your bunnies deader. With great prejudice. And cheese balls.

    (Zach accidentally played the cheese ball card and killed all his own bunnies. We were greatly amused.)

  21. Love the dog-tongue photo!

  22. Nice shots! Your puppy is adorable!!

  23. Oh your pups looks so squishy & comfy to cuddle with :) Nice shots...and I didn't see no stinkin dust bunny...

  24. Love the moon shot! I'm new to Weekly Winners.

    Stop by sometime. I'll fix you a glass of iced tea & you can put your feet up.

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