Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday, Monday...

My sister Marilyn joined me on the trip back to Tucson, so she could see my kids before heading on to New Orleans for a conference...It was really nice to have the company!

There was no snow here when I drove through on Friday. All that rain we had in San Diego was snow in the higher elevations.

These rocks are very interesting to me...It looks like somebody just went nuts with a ball peen hammer and cracked them all. I have no idea why they are like this, but I like it.

Marilyn found it endlessly hilarious that I took many many photos of the clouds trying to drive and photograph at the same time.

We saw two rainbows like this -- one close to Casa Grande and one in Tucson...It's the end of the rainbow, sort of, without the arch. See there is just part of the rainbow, right in that spot where it was raining.

I really did take lots of accidental cloud shots...

I do actually like this one:

Here's the weird rainbow in Tucson...

Marilyn brought the kids this Killer Bunnies card game, which is crazy fun. And rather gruesome. Bunnies die in all sorts of horrible ways.

So that was my weekend! I had a marvelous wonderful fabulous time! And took over 500 photos. Be very grateful you are not in my basement right now watching slides...zzzzzzzzzzz!

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