Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekly Winners

As usual, we can thank Lotus the Sarcastic Mom for feeding our Weekly Winners habit!

No more gorgeous frost, but at least it snowed a little bit.
gray snowy day

fresh snow, fresh tracks
fresh snow_3475_edited-1

Nice ring to it... President Barack OBama.
Obama 1/20/09

slippery roads
jan22 09_3510_edited-1

unfortunately the fence was not the only victim of the slippery roads...I wonder where the scarecrow's head landed...
jan22 09_3515_edited-1

blowing snow? or a bit of fog? I dunno.

the sun doesn't reach down into some of the valleys in the winter.

It's tough, but somebody has to photograph all the gorgeous mountains.
Alaska 08

We love the sunshine and the mountains and the snow.

fog in the valley.

Yeah. I don't know how many more photos of mountains and snow and fog I can take. So I thought I would throw in these photos of my new favoritest gadget ever in the history of the world:

My IPod touch. It is awesome beyond words. I can check my email, listen to music, store my favorite 400 photos, keep my calendar, check out YouTube videos, play games, surf the web, check my twitter and facebook pages, watch podcasts of Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow, write myself notes, and oh, yeah, listen to my music!
fresh snow_3476_edited-1

See that brightly colored bar at the bottom of the screen? That means that I have used a big chunk of my IPod touch's 8GB memory for music and video. The purple section means that I have to either get busy watching those podcasts of various news shows or delete them...since I have barely started loading music onto it -- I only have 166 songs on there so far. That is not enough. There's not even any Linkin Park on it yet. That ain't right.
jan22 09_3498_edited-1


  1. Oh man, if I had one more gadget like that, I'd never get any sleep.

    What are those tracks from? Cougar?

    Yes, President Barack Obama -- I keep saying it out loud, cuz I'm liking the sound of it!

    I'm not getting tired of your gorgeous snow/mountain/ice/headless scarecrow photos. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Maybe you had enough of mountains snow and fog, but I don't! Gorgeous pictures this week, Julie, I love those mountain landscapes!

  3. Wow! Those mountains are SPECTACULAR!!

    That's all I'd photograph.

    Great set!

  4. I LOVE the mountain shots. Living in a painfully flat state (Florida), I miss the mountains of my home state (Tennessee). I can't get enough of these gorgeous photos.

  5. Great shots!

    I'd love an Ipod touch! Have fun with your new gadget.

  6. Even with less snow, it still looks so cold! I had an iPod Touch for a week or two that Santa gave me. Then I needed an iPhone instead since my old contract was up anyway. So much fun, both of them.

  7. You just confirmed it, we really are soul mates! Rachel Maddow is my girl! I cannot fall asleep at night until I watch her show. She says everything I wish I could say!

    I can relate to wondering how many pictures of the dead of winter I can post. It gets really old to me but I enjoy your winter picts!

  8. Those mountains are absolutely stunning, and as for that toy... I'm very jealous!

  9. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I'm not tired of seeing your snowy/winter shots~they are absolutely fabulous!! ♥ your new toy :)

  10. That was me above (anonymous)~I clicked too soon before adding my name :\

  11. The snowy mountains are so beautiful! I love the way the sun is shining on the one with the blowing snow!

  12. I love the fresh tracks!

  13. I love the fresh tracks and I just wanted to say Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
    & LOL at the poor scarecrow.

  14. Poor scarecrow. Great shots of the mountains. And the IPod touch still has me mystified. I'm not away from my computer enough to really need one me thinks. But then I thought the cell phone was only for emergencies for a long time. Hummm oh, me on so little technology savvy.

  15. brb my sky has gone an interesting colour..

  16. I really like the scarecrow. have you got any shots of it's head anywhere? I wouldn't mind making a scarecrow like that..

    It must be terribly hard having to photograph those mountains all the time.. *sigh*

    Now I want an ipod touch, I have a purple ipod shuffle.. though it isn't quite the same lol..

  17. Those ipod Touches are so much fun aren't they! We were inseparable when I first got mine :)

    Those photos are so amazing. Although they do look incredibly frigid, they are breathtaking.

    p.s. poor scarecrow!

  18. oh yes my ipod touch and I have been happily in love for over a year now.


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