Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Daily Alaska Photo. Plus Abe.

Abe. Perpetually looks confused.

I always wonder about how animals survive and thrive when it is really really cold. These birds were snacking on some bread crusts somebody threw down in a parking lot. Probably cheap disgusting white bread full of preservatives and fats and chemicals that are clogging their little bird arteries and giving them cancer and rickets.


  1. LOL, Abe does look a little confused!

  2. It's his ears!! And when I look at him in that picture, mentally I hear that querulous sound that Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor from "Tool Time" (Remember? Tim Allen and "Home Improvement"?) used to make when he got confused.

  3. Abe is such a sweetie pie! I wonder/worry about animals in winter, too. Especially some really insane place to be in winter, like, um, where you are. :)

  4. He is so cute, I love the question marks in his face!! And tail!!

  5. But what a way to die, huh?


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