Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 part two.

In February I drove to San Diego for a reunion with my sister and girl cousins. Had an awesome time.

Zachary finished his Eagle Scout project and had the Scoutmaster conference or whatever you call it and became an Eagle Boy Scout.

And as usual, we took photos of stuff we did and the desert. Mojo was the one to tangle with a cholla this month.


the elevator ceiling at the hotel in San Diego

pelicans. I love pelicans. I don't know why.

Zach talking to his dad right after he knew he made Eagle.

cool train, great photo, but it made Thor late to school.

playing wit the macro

the entire desert is like this. pointy and mean and unfriendly and hostile and sharp. this is the mequite version of "stay the hell away from me."

such noble suffering. look at that face.

I have two favorites this time...Mojo, for all he can look all noble and regal and majestic, is really an enormous goof. the goofiest dog ever.

I really really like pelicans. they are so prehistoric, you know?

(I hope all these photos don't mean endless downloading time for anyone, or if they do they are worth it!)


  1. I am totally curious....what kind of camera do you have? You take great photos!

  2. hi, Michelle, I have an Olympus E410 DSLR. I think it's an E410, my kids have apparently wandered off with it so I can't check at the moment.

    I really like it. It pretty much does what I want it to do, now that I have played with it for the last year.

    Oh, yeah, thanks!

  3. I have to play with my new 'Ra because I have yet to figure out how to take magical photos. Damn. Stupid reading of instruction books.

    I love the elevator photo.

  4. I have a Sony. It worked great for a while but now I just want more camera. I have been begging hubby for a Digital Canon Rebel. The odds of that happening are slim to none. I have a film Rebel but that just doesn't do it for me. It makes me absolutely nuts when people have awesome cameras and don't use them well. Here I am dying for a good one and my sister in law has the mother of great cameras and can't take a decent photo to save her life. Oh the injustice. I look at some of the photos I take and think to myself if I only had a better camera. Ugh!
    Anyway, rambling on here. Your comment wasn't mean! It was sweet! One day I may just get to that million photo mark. That would be awesome but I really hope before I get that far I get a better camera!

  5. I love reviewing your pictures Julie. I remember a lot of them from the original posts! Time flies huh? Love the one with the new glasses, you look great!

  6. Awesome photos girl! Totally worth it! :) I tried to pic a fav but I couldn't. Standouts are the drop of water, the train, and the birds~!

  7. Thank goodness I stalk Cat's comments or I may have not seen yours Julie.
    Since you aren't the first to ask where to get a Jill I will let you in on the secret. You can get them at Walmart, they are located in the feminine hygeine aisle.
    All of what you said to do to my sister in law is very tempting. People with too much money to spend shouldn't be allowed to buy cameras!!
    I posted this on Cat's comments and realized you may not be a comment stalker so I thought i'd better shoot over here and leave it too.

  8. I think I may be taking more pictures this year. I have a Canon 30D and I love it.

    I look at your pictures and I just have to juggle it for a minute to sort of adjust to the dramatic change in environment you've gone through.

  9. These are gorgeous, and I remember lots of them. Like that elevator ceiling one. So cool!

  10. How did I miss this yesterday????
    You always make me smile and ....

    Love looking at your world through your cameral lens. :)


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