Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Interview...

I guess it started with Maria at Immoral Matriach, who asked Maggie some questions, who then asked Lou some questions, and now it's my turn.

So here are Lou's questions and my answers. I didn't go for short answers.

1-What is your favorite childhood memory?

My family went to Washington, DC, when I was four. I remember bits of it -- there was a cop directing traffic who was dancing while he was doing it. At Mount Vernon there were silos or pits or something where they stored food on ice, I think. When I lived in Virginia, we went to Mount Vernon. They were just like I remembered. I got giggly every day around four, because I got really sleepy (yes, I am that awesome that when I get really really tired I get giggly instead of cranky. Mostly.) Lots of monuments, Vietnam War protesters, because it was 1968.

Also, I peed on the carpet because I was so excited about a Christmas present when I was really little. In my own defense, it was a set of toy dishes. Women in my family are insane about dishes. Really. I have dozens of dishes. Little sauce dishes -- an especial favorite of ours. Why? Who knows? -- dinner plates, platters, serving bowls, bowls up the wazoo, coffee cups, teacups and saucers. Not much china. I like pottery and earthenware. Our dinner plates are various colors of FiestaWare, because who could choose only one? And I have dozens of pieces of Polish pottery, because I went to Poland many many times, to buy more. Seven, I think. I don't actually remember this Christmas, but I remember being teased (nicely) about this, and my parents of course took a photo of me and the dishes and the wet spot.

2-Who is the person you most admire - that is alive today?

Woo. You ask tough questions, Lou! I don't have heroes, I am not a big fan of people, I just cannot care about celebrities and politicians and public figures private lives. I just don't care. I mostly care about my family and friends and want to know what is going on with them. Britney Spears? Brangelina? Anyone who has ever been on the cover of People Magazine? I just don't care.

Public figures, I would say Jimmy Carter. I like what he has done since being President. I like that he has been involved with Habitat for Humanity. His work on peace in the Mid East, his efforts towards helping eradicate diseases in the third world, his love of the outdoors. I find him very impressive. I know he sucked as President, but since then he has done amazing things. Plus he seems like a very stand up guy. People walking their talk is very important to me. The fastest way for me to lose respect for someone is for that person to be hypocritical.

Personally, my parents impress the hell outta me. They have hit their 80's, and yet they are still busy and active and volunteer at church and a local nursing home, with the local Sons of Norway. They taught us that it is our responsibility to step up where we see a need. Somebody needs help, you don't look away, you don't judge, you don't pass the buck, you help them anyway you can. They also taught us to take responsibility for ourselves, to be independent. They are truly awesome parents.

3-If you could live anywhere - where would that be?

Aaarrgggghhh. Life would be much easier if I knew the answer to that question...Minnesota, close to or in the Twin Cities. Or Olympia, Washington. Or London, but just for a while. The only place I have lived I didn't particularly like was Oklahoma (sorry Maggie!). It was very hot, it was my first move out of Minnesota, I think I eventually would have liked it better, but we only lived there six months.

This is the big question of our lives these days, since Mark has aborted retiring from the Army twice, but eventually he will retire. And then where do we go? We still own a house in Tucson, I love the people in Tucson, but it is so hot. But I love the dry. But the medical coverage for us in Tucson was not great, and that has to figure largely for me.

But if this is not real life, just talking on a blog...London. I love London. London was the place I went for a long weekend away from the stresses of living in Europe, because London is more like the US than the Netherlands, and they speak English there. And they have fabulous museums and the Underground.

4-What do you like to eat when you're feeling 'down'?

Chocolate, I guess. Carbs, like pretzels, or multigrain chips from the company Food Should Taste Good, with Artichoke and Parmesan dip from Costco.

When I feel lousy, when I feel like anything I eat will make me feel worse -- I think I am allergic to alot of the food chemicals, the preservatives and artificial flavors and coloring -- I can eat a McDonald's cheeseburger and feel better. This is so weird, because it's white bread and American cheese, and they really don't taste that great, but they don't make me feel ucky. Total comfort food, I guess.

And because I liked this question best when Maggie asked me -
5-What do you like most about being a woman?

I loved being pregnant. I love the whole Mom thing.

I am not a big fan of dressing up and high heels and all that, not a girly girl at all, but I love what I call "pink" stuff. Female literature, otherwise known as chick lit, and romantic comedies.

I also love that I can wear girl clothes and guy's clothes. That I can and do raid Mark's half of the closet for big comfy sweatshirts and baggy sweaters.

And I love that I can plead ignorance and Mark takes care of all the car stuff. I don't have to know about changing the oil and why it's making that weird noise and what to do about it, unless of course Mark is out of town...I mean, I can and do deal with car problems and maintainance, but mostly I don't have to because I am the girl.


And because this is the internet, and the blog world, there are rules I must follow. Or really, that I choose to follow because Lou already typed them all out and all I had to do was cut and paste 'em...

Want to be part of it? Follow these instructions:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone
else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them
five questions.

*My kids have pretty much given up on asking me to help with their math homework, so you are probably safe from Algebra questions.


  1. I used to like you. Now I love you.

  2. You are awesome. Japan turned me into an "all kinds of little dishes" sort of girl, so I get that. :) Oklahoma seems all good now, but summer could be a challenge - and you know I love the Northwest in the vicinity of Olympia, WA. I'm so glad that you enjoy the pregnancy/mom thing because I know that I would absolutely love it if I could do it, and it breaks my heart a little when some women don't seem to appreciate how really very much of a blessing it is, at least from my perspective, so it makes me happy when people who can do all that also are proud to say that they love all that (if that isn't the most rambly-assed sentence ever).

  3. I was very curious about where you would want to live!
    Mine is going to be up on Friday.Still struggling with that last question! I think that's a tough one! I like being a girl, but why?

  4. So you get to make up your own questions then???? Would you like to interview me?

  5. I'm not sure there are five people who even read me that I could interview, but I'm willing to be interviewed --- just don't ask hard questions!!!

    Now about your q/a --- Your writing just tickles me. I'd love to live in London or the London area if it could be anywhere. The fact that you don't care about celebraties agrees with my thoughts -- Jimmy Carter is a wonderful former president. And you summed being a woman up nicely. Except I like to dress up. I love going to the prom.


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