Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I really really like this guy's message...

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The Daily Alaska...
We had a little snow yesterday. So now the sheets of ice are barely covered with snow...great potential for wipeouts. Makes me want to find some icy sidewalk and lurk with my camera ready just in case somebody wipes out. Or I could just try to get the dogs playing in the backyard -- there's a sheet of ice in the middle, that has already taken Mojo out twice. I wonder if he still remembers...

This is a close up shot of a paw print in the new snow on the deck:
fresh snow_3480_edited-2


  1. I hope that's poop and not Mojo.

  2. That is one big print. I could just see you lurking behind a bush to take a picture of some unsuspecing person as they fall--feet higher than head arms fledging around. Yep, that would be my friend Julie.


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