Monday, January 12, 2009

100 word challenge, and daily alaska

Velvet Verbosity has a 100 word challenge. Lou wrote 100 words on March, and in my comment, I wrote the following 99 words. I added a very.

(edited...because I left out a word, it says "imagining of them" instead of "imagining one of them", so I dropped the "very" and added the "one." I am not a great proof reader.)

I was watching a change of command at Fort Lewis, WA, on a rainy day, and there was a big big patch of muddy ground right in front of the bleachers.

All the soldiers in formation marched right through the mud, which was fine, except they all had BAYONETS ON THEIR WEAPONS. The whole time they were marching by, I was imagining one of them slipping in the mud and either stabbing the guy behind him or stabbing himself in the head on the bayonet ahead of him.

I have a very vivid and gruesome imagination sometimes.

It's a curse.


And the daily Alaska photo...

I chose to go way back to September, before my world turned white, for this one...



  1. Soldier kebobs?

    The photo is gorgeous as always!

  2. I probably would have been imagining the very same thing. Thanks for joining the 100 Word Challenge this week! Hope to see you again.

  3. You're sick. It's awesome.

  4. OK it is officially cold in Alaska.

    It actually made the news down here.

    Very cold in Alaska.

  5. Hey, DA! It's been very cold for a couple weeks, and it just makes the news now, now that it is actually getting warmer? Silly LA news.

    And Michelle, Cat -- yes, soldier kebobs. Very gross.

    Thanks, VV -- I think I will try some more challenges!

  6. You make me laugh -- your explaination of why you wrote your 100 words, the editing of your 100 words and then the actual 100 words. What makes is so great is that we all would probably been thinking the same thing, but you are the only one who would actually write about it.
    That, my friend, makes you very special -- you with your very vivid imagination.

    I had forgotten how pretty Alaska was in September all the luscious colors ---

  7. No, Julie, you're not the sick one. No, the winner is Michelle and her "Soldier kebobs".

  8. Patsy -- I don't think I will tire of Alaska in the autumn. The colors are so varied and wonderful. Thanks!

    Lou -- sick, but in a good way.

  9. Anonymous8:23 PM

    I have to admire your sense of humor. reminds me of...yours truly? anyway. I love your imagination!

  10. That is funny, in a sick kind of way!

    I'll admit, I've never been to Alaska. I live in NH and hate the snow and cold. I always picture Alaska as snow and cold. I might just have to rethink my stance after seeing your picture. It doesn't look too unlike my favorite time of the year here.


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