Thursday, January 15, 2009

2008 in Review. Part April. and the Daily Alaska.

April. Already hot in Tucson. Mark was still in Anchorage while the kids and I were still in Tucson...

Zach went to his senior prom. He met Jessica there, for some reason, so I didn't get to see her. Bummer.



Thor finally got his braces removed. He was kind of in shock. I mean, yeah, he usually takes goofy portraits -- the majority of his school portraits have looked like he was out under the bleachers getting stoned beforehand. (Thor knows I think this, he finds it funny. It doesn't bother him when we mention it...)

All was not swell in April. The Suburban's driver's inside door handle broke. Leaving me with the white trash option of rolling the window down to open the door, or crawling across to the passenger door. The right rear door handle broke too. We fixed them before we started our trip to Anchorage...13 days of travel with two broken door handles, no thank you.

It was Abe's turn to pick up a cholla on a walk. I really really hate cholla.

Aqua Caliente is a park in Tucson. It used to be a ranch. There's a warm springs there -- it used to be a hot springs and a cold springs near each other, but the rancher thought it would be a great idea to dynamite the springs, make them bigger. Instead, he made them merge into one warm springs...Guys and their explosives.

In April the desert is in bloom...I love cacti flowers. They are so bright and colorful and waxy.

fresh and colorful of my favorite Sonoran Desert plants.
2008 04 24_1253

2008 04 24_1256

Oooh and Zach got a tattoo. Yeah, it's PacMan. He had been talking about this tattoo for a year or so, he is very happy with it, and he has been told repeatedly his PacMan and ghosts will spread as his bicep gets bigger...

Mojo and Abe went with me to pick up Tess from school all the time. They love being in the car. I think they liked it better in Tucson, since the windows could be rolled down more of the time. When it's ten below, I do NOT open the windows for them.

And the Daily Alaska Photo...

We warmed up. Way up. It was 44 degrees ABOVE zero today. Last night we had freezing rain, the kids got out of school for the day because the roads were too slippery (they have their fingers crossed for tomorrow being a snow day too). This is what my driveway looks like after a dusting of snow, which we didn't get to brush off before it was hit with the freezing rain.

freezing rain


  1. Normally, pictures like the last one make me feel cold - but since we haven't seen anything over 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the last few days - it doesn't. The pictures from the desert, however, make me pine for warmer climes - oh, wait - I'm heading for warmer climes next week. Trinidad here I come.

  2. Mmm, so pretty. I miss your Tucson pictures. Alaska is beautiful but so cold. Quite the change for you all.

  3. Thanks for sending the arctic air this way. I'm really enjoying it. Really?
    As always. Gorgeous shots my dear!

  4. Loving the PacMan tattoo.

  5. Your shots of Tucson make me want to visit there again if not for the scenery for the warmth. Now e aren't cold, but I'm tired of being chilled. I love the heat of summer whether it is the humid air here or the dry air of AZ.

    Snow days because it was warm enough to rain now that's a new one. Love it

    And finally. You have been tagged because I was tagged to join in a little meme. It should be right up your ally -- is has to do with pictures. So drop by and see what you are to do. :)


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