Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008. In Photos. Part One.

I was going to do one photo a month.


You know me. I take hundreds of photos a month. Hundreds. Thousands, if I happen to be in Italy.

So pick one photo for each month? Not possible.

January, do I pick the fantastic desert shots? Tess's school winning "All Small and Mighty's Greenest Grade School in America?" Abe's second or third surgery? My favorite Day of the Dead shoes? Or my new glasses?

Right. I pick them all. Here's my January. In no particular order, except my personal favorite is the last and biggest one....

January, 2008

my shoes

Poor Abe. Four surgeries.

Civano Community School, Tucson, Arizona

new glasses!

photo by tess 1-29-2008 7-27-59 PM
driving at night

never ever ever kick a cholla. ever.

the Arizona desert. 107 degrees suck, but the desert is gorgeous. in a dusty dry desiccated way.


  1. Julie, that is a great photo of the desert! I can't believe it's been a year since Tess's class won that award. And from the other photos of Abe playing in the snow, I'd say his surgeries turned out well. I missed you too last night. I called your cell. Did you get the message?

  2. Awesome photos - those shoes are rockin'. Love me some cactus in the foot.

  3. I miss traveling to AZ for visits. There is a beauty around Tucson that can't be found elsewhere.
    Great shots ---


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