Saturday, January 31, 2009

No volcano yet. Other stuff instead.

You know how I pointed out Abe always looks confused or befuddled or maybe just a bit nervous?

Perhaps it's due to his big brother Mojo.

Moj in the back yard

Because while Abe looks confused or nervous in lots of photos, Moj just looks demented. Look at him. Would you want to wake up from a nice nap in a sunny spot, stretch a little, glance up and see that staring at you? You might wander around looking a little apprehensive too.

(And just so you know, I am just kidding. Mojo and Abe get along great. Moj is occasionally cranky, but then Abe has been known to drop toys on Mojo's head when Mojo is sound asleep, so I think they are even.)

The Daily Alaska

Want to come sit on my front porch with me?

Yeah. Me neither. My butt gets cold just looking at these photos.

clumpy snowflakescold seats


  1. I promise if I drove up to your house and your dogs greeted me (either one or both)I would not be getting out of my car. I have this thing about big dogs. I'm okay once we have met, but cold turkey I'm not so brave. He would scare the bee-gee-bees out of me.
    Those chairs looks cold!!!!
    And waiting for a volcano must be worse than waiting for a hurricane.
    At least with a hurricane there is a tracking map.

  2. Oh I can not even believe that you are sitting there waiting for a volcano.

    I am on pins and needles for you, arent you scared?

    I'll bet they have cameras trained on that puppy all the time right? I hope its a clear day and we get to see it captured on film. So you are staying, that means they must think its safe. Does everyone in town have a plan, like a volcano drill?

  3. Great dog in action shot! What in the heck are you waiting on a volcano for? Run!!

  4. Brrrr. I love the dog's expression.

  5. I love the close up shots of the snow flakes! Stay warm and non-volcanous, which should be a word.


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