Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Daily Alaska photo. A wordless Thursday.

Dance, damn it!

(Really busy today. Turned 45 -- that's right, me and Elvis share the same birthday. Took the kids to the mall, since Zeke's going back to college tomorrow it was his last chance to get me to buy him stuff. He got two t shirts. He needs to work on his consumerism, I guess. The kids made banana bread and chocolate cake and I will make the chocolate glaze that is too too fabulous -- I will post the recipe again tomorrow!)


  1. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! I can't believe I forgot when it was on my mind last month. That is a great pic of the kids. They are really having a ball! Give me a call on my cell SOON, like this weekend!
    Love and Hugs,

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  3. One more thing, if you read this before Zach leaves, please have him bring me a copy of that photo. I really, really love it! The colors just jump out of the picture. Almost makes the snow covered trees look like a studio background.

  4. A 5x7 would be great!!!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday... That is a great photo.. Thor's hair is getting so long.. I just love how they are all dancing (from the knees up lol)

  6. hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY Julie!!!
    Enjoy that chocolate cake and other delicious mouthwatering yummy goodness my friend!

  7. Happy Birthday! Yay for snow and cake and glaze. :)

  8. Well a Happy Birthday to you, belatedly! I had no idea! Sorry I missed it, I was busy...not commenting yesterday. Stupid work.

  9. Happy Birthday Julie!

  10. Belated Happy Birthday.

    Bye Zeke, do well at school.

    and yummmm now I'm glad you are in Alaska, chocolate cake with chocolate glaze is one of the top 2 desserts in my world but it isn't on the diet.

    Some day I'll post again.


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