Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moose, late at night. The Daily Alaska photo.

Sunday night, as I was turning off lights and getting ready to go up to bed, I glanced out the kitchen window. There was a male moose rubbing his antlers on the tree outside our backyard fence.

Woo! A moose, right outside my back door!

Unfortunately, it was too dark to get a good photo. I got a couple as he walked away, but no good ones. This is the least blurry one...
moose visit

Yesterday, there was a bald eagle in the tree outside the bank in Eagle River.

I haven't seen that many bald eagles yet. I love watching eagles and other raptors. One of my favorite things about Tucson was watching the raptors circling above the desert.

The Daily Alaska Photo...
This next shot was also taken from the bank parking lot. That is the thing that still startles me the most about living in Anchorage -- there are mountains all over the place, they are covered in snow, and they are endlessly gorgeous. I am looking forward to hiking around on some of them next summer (with bear bells on, of course!)
Chugach Mountains
It was mostly sunny yesterday, and warm! 20 whole degrees! Which means you don't notice that it's cold out the very first second you step outside. You can be outside for at least half a minute before it starts to feel cold! It clouded up over the late afternoon, and we got a dusting of snow. The clouds started in the mountains, as you can see above. Tomorrow they are forecasting possible rain, since it's supposed to be 35 degrees. I find it hard to believe it could rain, since last week it was 25 below.

And finally, a bonus shot.

Mark took our tree down this weekend. The sad leftovers...
moose visit_3351_edited-1
There is still a pile of ornaments to be wrapped up and packed away. Actually I think taking the tree down is the only thing we have done toward putting Christmas away for another year. Guess that's my big job for this week.

(I know I have only done the first few months of 2008 in review. I will get back to it, probably tomorrow. )


  1. I still need to take the tree down too, but it's a fake one so I won't get any needles. I loved the eagle shot!

  2. A moose? Wow. Holy hell. A Moose! That's just cool. Good luck un-Christmas-ing. ;)

  3. 20 degrees feels down right warm after negative temps. We are -18 right now. Here I sit, dreaming of 20 lol

  4. See in Alaska you get to see a moose outside your window. Here I get to see an occasional cat or a person wondering across the vacant meadow area behind the house -- nothing cooler. A moose! and mountains everywhere. But I'm warm. Your high is our low.

    Stay warm. :)

  5. The mountain shot is gorgeous. The ONLY drawback to living in Illinois is that it's so flat. Oh, and all of our license plates are made by ex-governors.


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