Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekly Winners

Okay...Here's a surprise. I have photos of Bald Eagles and stuff covered with snow. But wait, you are thinking, she already posted photos of Bald Eagles and millions of photos of stuff covered with snow.

Because that is my life in Alaska. It has been waaaaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaaaaaay below zero (well, hovering between 2 below and 20 below, so not way below zero but waaaaaay waaaaaay below warm) and doing stuff outside? Not so fun. I could post photos of our Christmas tree, still up -- only fell over once this year. Woo! -- but it is so crispy I am afeared that the flash would cause it to burst into flame. Which I realize would make for some completely awesome photographs...but no. I think the Army would frown on me burning down our quarters for the sake of my Weekly Winners.

It is so cold our snow has frost on it. Seriously. Did you know snow could get frosty? I didn't think it did...
cold cold cold snow

So we watched an old lady who said she was feeling dizzy (!) throw fish to some Bald Eagles. I was concerned that she was going to pass out and we would have to run out and throw our bodies over her to stop the eagles from thinking she was just a big salmon, but forgot all about that when the eagles started showing up...(Environmentally dubious, to say the least, this little old lady throwing salmon to whatever bald eagles that show up each Sunday morning. I am torn between the "whoa. this is not healthy for the eagles" and "holy crap! this is amazing and awesome and bald eagles are huge! and stunning!")

Oh, yeah, she was fine. Didn't faint or anything.

a touch and go
I am reminded of the dancing the vultures do in Disney's The Jungle Book...

just too cool

waiting for lunch


fly by

coming in for a landing

raven and bald eagle
that's a raven to the left. ravens are really fun to watch -- they are like svelte black chickens.

actually, I think that is hoarfrost on the trees, mostly, rather than snow.


by ship creek
the trees that are not covered with frost on the ones that are in the sunshine all day long (day is a relative term -- we have less than six hours of daylight currently). the rest of everything? signs, corners of buildings, vehicles, fences, everything, is covered with frost and snow.

ship creek

we haven't had snow since just after Christmas. but it is too cold and windless for the snow and frost to melt or blow off the trees.

Dance, damn it!
amazingly enough, when I point my camera at the kids and shout "dance," they do!


  1. I don't think I've ever loved bald eagles as much as in the past week or so. Keep 'em coming. You deserve a little less on the cold and snowy side, though, even if it is Alaska. In winter. You poor bastard-ette. ;)

  2. Oh WOW!! Those eagle shots are magnificent!! And that snow is amazing!

  3. Oh man, those snow and eagle photos are amazing. I'd never get tired of them. Right. You're funny!

  4. Wow, I don't think I have ever actually thought about how much snow stays around when it stays that cold.

  5. Those eagle pictures are gorgeous!!!
    Snow has not melted around here neither, so I'm going to convince my husband to go on another photowalk this afternoon. It's another bright and sunny day, so ... !!
    By the way, my Christmas tree is still up too!

  6. BEAuTIFUL!!! The shot of then standing on the snow is amazing!

  7. Wow.. I love all your eagle shots. and I am a bit stunned by all the snow.. I will show Dave the Dancing shot..hehehehe

  8. Looking through your eyes is amazing. I cannot imagine living in your world but you bring a piece of it every week for me to wrap my senses around.
    PS: If I point my camera at my kids and yell dance, they do it too.

  9. I love the shots of the eagles. So cool. I also love that the kids danced for you. Too cute.

  10. I love the eagles. And I'll stop complaining about being cold here in Chicago! Brrrr.

  11. Wow! I love them all. I said earlier on another blog that Ijust want snow for ONE DAY. Just to photograph it. LOL

  12. Oh my heavens! I love the bald eagles. What a treat to capture them.

    Great shots!

  13. You can post snow and eagle pictures every single day. I love them!

  14. These are ALL nothing short of AMAZING~just beautiful! My faves though are the one of the eagle flying in for a landing & the one of the snow on the trees w/the blue skies behind them. Great weekly winners :)

  15. Those eagle shots are just amazing! You could probably frame a few of the shots from this week and have great artwork to display!

  16. Amazing shots. So beautiful, I love the two eagles in the tree, and sitting on the snow.

    And brr, you're making me cold!

  17. Holy crap. Just looking at those makes me cold. And how amazing!

  18. WOW! Love those eagel shots! Those are great!

  19. I don't think I will tire of your Alaska pictures always so beautiful. And such well trained childred --- :)

  20. The eagle shots are spectacular! The snow at our place has frost too. I totally get the not wanting to go outside feeling :)

  21. Beautiful shots of the eagles and snowy landscapes (some definitely frameable), but I love the dancing kids best! lol And what a reminder of how coooolllllld it is in other parts of the world...I should shut up and quit complaining about the humidity!

  22. I must be honest. Your eagle shots are making me JEALOUS! WOW! I especially like the one of them in the trees covered in ice. WONDERFUL job!

  23. I just want them to pick me up in their tallons and take me back to their nest. And make me their eaglet. Sigh.

  24. Were these photos taken behind the VFW hall in Eagle River, by any chance? My aunt was telling me about the old lady who feeds the eagles!


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