Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can't forget the Daily Alaska...

Although, really, today's should be the Daily Arizona.

Because this is what happens...

fresh snow_3486_edited-1

fresh snow_3488_edited-1

when you have a cute little Santa ornament (really cute, very little - only about an inch high) made of wax. And you put it away with the other ornaments in the garage in Arizona. Because garages in Arizona are stupidly hot. You arrive in Anchorage, it's Christmas, you buy a tree, haul the bins of ornaments out, start unwrapping them. You find a chunk of tissue paper with the remains of the wax ornament melted into it.

This past weekend, Mark and I put away all the ornaments and decorations. We hauled the boxes of holiday stuff out of the store room in the garage, and rearranged everything. Packed up all the Easter stuff together, got all the Halloween stuff in bins and piled them all up together, walked through the house, gathering up all the last bits of Christmas stuff. Used the very last empty Rubbermaid bin (tub? I call them bins, I think because of my years of living in Europe and having friends who don't speak American!) for the lights and random bits.

Then that evening I was talking to my sister on the phone when Mark wandered by and set a basket down next to me. It was full of ornaments. Christmas ornaments. Christmas ornaments that I had been looking for, but thought had been packed away. Christmas ornaments with no bin to pack them into. Christmas ornaments that are still in the basket on the window seat in the living room, because I hate packing Christmas ornaments up and I don't have an empty bin. Plus I threw away all the extra tissue paper, the tissue paper that turns out was extra because I missed a whole basket full of ornaments. Sigh.


  1. You may think I'm gross but when I first saw that picture with the red and the string a Christmas ornament isn't what came to mind. Use your own imagination.

    The attics in the panhandle were very hot also and I melted a few candles -- you would think you would learn after the first time, but I did it more than once. Finally it dawned on me *you can't store candles in the attic* Well duh!

    So now you go to the local Walmart oh yeah -- you go to the local cosco and buy more tubs (because I'm from Texas).

  2. Patsy, may I just say, ugh. That is gross. I didn't even think of that til you mentioned it...but you are right, it does sorta make one's mind go there. We have WalMart here in Anchorage, but Target, Costco and Fred Meyer are all closer, so that's where I will go to get another tub. Sigh.

  3. Marilyn8:00 PM

    Julala, at first glance I thought it was something dead in the snow, probably a dog who tried to get too close to Abe when Mo was watching.

    I still have that little wax Santa! Didn't you get them when you were in Germany? So cute. You can visit it next Christmas.

  4. Poor Santa! He looked so cute too!

  5. I'm kind of with Patsy on the whole first glance thing. I was thinking "she posted a what??" Glad it was just a Santa. I mean, not glad because that sucks for you, but I'm just glad it wasn't a... well, what it kind of looked like. ;)

  6. Heehee!! Yep, that's exactly what I was thinking too!! Especially the first one! Eww!

  7. Oh no. I thought I saw a hint of santa in the paper. Poor thing. Hope you find a bin for the remainder of the items this weekend. I bought a few at Target last month as well.


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