Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ways that September sucked...

Mark moved to Alaska.

It was still in the 90's all month.

I had a slight accident. I haven't had an accident since 1984, when I backed my mom's station wagon into a car in the 3M parking lot on the way in to work. This time, I pulled the suburban into a parking spot at Target, but the car in the facing spot was over the line and my Burb would be sticking too far out, so I started to back out...the Suburban was crooked, and I scraped the side view mirror along the edge of a brand new off the lot for less than 24 hours Tahoe. White. Big black streak. We got the phone call, since I left my name and number...her husband was out finding out what they could do...apparently they were able to do something -- buff it out or something -- because they never called back...

Maybe September wasn't that bad...

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