Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I want Ali to go to Japan

because I want one of those manhole cover purses and a schoolchild's fire hydrant backpack!

Japan's "fear of crime" fashions...

Even though the crime rate is going down in Japan, they are more growing more fearful of crime. A clothing designer has created a line of clothes and accessories that are urban camouflage...a skirt that unfolds to a full size image of a pop machine, a manhole cover purse that you stick your wallet into and then drop to the street -- the criminals won't realize it's a fake, and thus will run right past it.

The backpack unfolds to look like a Japanese fire hydrant...

but it has legs...Hmmm.

***the Japanese are crazy*****

And here's a website -- costumes for your cat -- the Japanese to English translations are most humorous.

This is a dear frog transformation set. It is made from bright green felt cloth, and the big eye of a frog is attached. Even if it takes, it is finished to the pop impression. Please observe the leg fin wound around a head. Since it can equip also with a hat and head volume on a piece of Velcro, attachment and detachment are easy!

******and now for something completely different*****

More good humor, here -- Weight Watchers recipe cards from the 70's...What were they thinking? Marcy's "Enchilada" is interesting, but the Liver Pate en Masque is just scary.

The good thing? Suddenly my psuedo-shepherd's pie doesn't look quite so...um...pathetic.

edited to add that the blue writing are links to the web pages...just click on them and it should take you to them...


  1. Oh Hell, your Sheperd's Pie was fine.

    In a family of 6 kids and both parents, with just my Dad working, my father (the Colonel) would make a big to-do about cooking Sunday Breakfast, with some of us as his sous chefs.

    First take hardboiled egss. Separate the Yolks from the Whites. Slice up the whites and simmer them in a water/flour gravy. Then, take some of that cheap bagged beef they used to make for sandwiches, before they had the real Roast Beef or Pastrami in bags in grocery stores.
    Put some of that in and simmer.

    Serve on toast, grating the hard-boiled egg yolks over the serving to add color and fun for kids!!

    Call it Eggs Goldenrod.

    Of course, it really is Creamed Chip Beef on Toast. Or, as those of us who have been exposed to the military call it, SOS...Shit on a Shingle.

    The Colonel could get us to eat anything. Canned Peach halves on Extra Wide Noodles mixed with scrambled eggs. Cooked Spinach and Mustard sandwiches on white bread. Beans and Black Bread.

    As I said, your Sheperd's Pie was just fine.

  2. Okay. The shepherd's pie was fine, just not super good or super good for you. No mushrooms, by the way, but I got round steak and potatoes and carrots and mushrooms and gravy in a jar to make a better shepherd's pie...

    And my kids would probably love SOS. They have very varied and bizarre tastes. (They would not, however, eat cooked spinach with mustard sandwiches.)


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