Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I haven't done any random photos lately...

Must remedy that immediately.

So here are three random images...The lion is a carving on Heidelberg Castle, one of my favorite places in Germany. The second is Zachary preparing to deal with muriatic acid while working on his Eagle Scout project. And Me, in my Mom and Dad's dining room. I really like my hair in this one, so I think I will attempt to have it cut like this again...


  1. Wow...

    Please tell me Zach didn't have thicker (uncool type) glasses when he was younger, he'd be the spitting image of yours truly. How quixotic!!

    Of course, that is with the mask on his face. I'm not saying I played doctor or anything, but I think there is a picture like me of that. I think it was when my baby nephew came over for the first time.

    And no giant head!! (I checked out your galleries and saw the prednisone picture)

    As far as MLW goes, I got on the call-in show, I showed up for your QOTD, and I loved Cali's essay. I'll probably fade back again, but it was nice to see others there getting a little tired of the schtick.

  2. No uncool Elvis Costello glasses for Zach. You must look like my brother, though , because Zach looks just like him.

    Oh, how I hate those prednisone head photos. Giant puffy head bad.

    I am very uneven on MLW -- sometimes I am there quite a bit, but it's very superficial these days...I think I disagree with some of the favorites there on a lot of stuff, and while some people can disagree and discuss -- like Karma, I have had good disagreements with him -- others are a might touchy...

  3. Yep. You have to remember, they aren't really liberal. Most of those people are way left. Many believe whole-heartedly in redistribution of wealth, socialism, even communism. Some are decided radicals without any real fire (if they had any, and were acually planning anything, they wouldn't be posting it online, unless they're stupid).

    Madscientist is pretty cool. Raybin's a great guy, just always depressed and I think prone to violent revolution. MSOC's become more libertarian in the 2 years I've known her, as she begins to understand that government on it's best days, can't do everything that the Left wants it to do. I like Caliberal and Mirrim quite a bit. Roysol (who has become scarce since I left, I hope he hasn't bailed out too) is very much like me (in many ways, kinda freaky actually).

    They're willing to compare Bush to Hitler, but unwilling to extend the same comparison to Chavez in Venezuela.

    The funny thing is, they're heading for such a fall, IMO. A year ago, it was all about the tanks heading into Iran or Sy Hersh's nuclear strikes, which even MSOC now belittles. They were all convinced that Bush would circumvent the Constitution and remain king.

    In many ways, they're good hearted idealists without a clue about how to apply government and politics in real life. If Hilary gets elected, she might actually do a few of the things they'd like, and they'd have such a hard time accepting it. Sometimes, I think I hang out just to watch what will happen in 2008.

    Of course, one of my greatest problems with all of it, is their sense of entitlement. I'm not sure what fantasy America they think they once had, but it isn't one I remember.

    Don't tell Zach, but it might be the ears. My head finally grew into mine. But it took sooo damn long.


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