Friday, October 26, 2007

It's hot here again.

More like early September than late October. We had temps up in the 90's again. We had to turn the A/C back on, because it was in the low 80's in the house. Uck.

And it was windy -- the same time that SoCal was dealing with Santa Ana winds, we had very blustery days. They are just not the same without the great drifts of leaves blowing around. I really really am not a desert person.

The dogs have been antsy. We took the dog door out because there have been so many flies in the house, and they can get in around the edges of the dog door. Abe really doesn't like it when he can't go outside whenever he wants...He has been really good about not taking off when we go out to the Suburban, or when the front door is open.

Thor went on some sort of math quiz thing with his school today...I will try to pry more information about what it actually was out of him, but I am not holding my breath that I will really know what it was.

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