Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Movies for $200, Alex

Mass media consumed lately...

BallyKissAngel -- still netflixing it...I think the last disc of the last season is on it's way to me. There is a major change in the series at the end of the third season, and the fourth and fifth are still fun (although there are some major cast changes). The sixth and last season, though, so far is not so good. It is disjointed and confusing. They introduced new characters very clumsily, they are trying to cram too much into each episode.

One of the original characters had a cancer scare, and it felt like an afterthought -- like they realized they hadn't given this character any storylines lately, so crammed this one in.


Haven't gone to any movies lately, got 1408 from NetFlix but haven't watched it yet. (A Stephen King novel turned into a movie with John Cusack).

Gilmore Girls -- but I posted separately about that.

Dancing with the Stars -- I seem to miss the shows with the dancing and only see the results shows. So not that interesting.

Beauty and the Geek -- this season they have a male beauty/female geek pair. It's the classic train wreck. You can't help but look...They went to a Comic-Con, a comic book convention. One of the geeks got teary-eyed about going. The beauties had to create a comic book character -- one of the girls complained about all those balloons in comic books and how you don't know which one to read first. Apparently she missed the "start at the top left and read to the right and down" in school...the same concept applies whether it's Shakespeare or Superman...Then the geeks had to create costumes. Really sad and hard to watch.

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