Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pseudo Shepherd's Pie...

Zachary requested Shepherd's Pie, something I have never made. I was running late one night last week and decided to whip up "shepherd's pie" -- having only the vaguest idea that this was some sort of meat and vegetables in gravy with a mashed potato "lid"...

I fried up some hamburger and threw in some corn (I was not in the mood to make two pies, and I did not feel like watching Thor pick the peas out...). I didn't have any jars of gravy, and nothing to make gravy with, so I used a cream of potato soup for the gravy. I then threw that mess into a casserole and topped it with instant mashed potatoes. Then tossed it into the oven for a while. It turned out okay -- the kids liked it.

Next time, I am thinking I will use a roast or I could use the pressure cooker and cook up some round steak for the meat, and make mashed potato from scratch. If the kids liked the fake shepherd's pie, they should really like it made with real food...

I also love the jars of pasta sauce because that way I can make the pasta tossed with olive oil and various peppers and vegetables for Mark and I, and the kids can either eat the good pasta or have some plain pasta with the stuff from a jar.


  1. Hey, my earlier comment didn't post!!! I was just wondering if there were mushrooms in it, 'cuz I like 'em. In fact, Cream of Mushroom Soup used to be the standard gravy substitute until my daughter announced she doesn't like cooked mushrooms (little shit will eat raw ones like nobody's business).

    OK...I posted today. Your turn!!

  2. No mushrooms, because I didn't have any and I didn't have any cream of mushroom soup either.

    My kids love cream of mushroom soup as a gravy substitute.


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