Monday, October 22, 2007

Breathing easier now...

I heard from Mark. "bed with mattress, great food, hot weather, decent gym, lots of bottled water."

He covered the basics, anyway, I know he's okay. And I have an email address for him. Makes me breathe a little easier.

Zach got his braces off today! He is very happy, and looks weird and oddly young...I do not understand why he looks younger, and he apparently has no upper lip (okay, he has an upper lip, but it no longer is pushed out because of the braces). And he has the straight upper lip smile, like Jack Nicholson and Dennis Quaid, very lady-killer.

They sang a song and gave him a bag (there in his lap with the balloons) with all the stuff he wasn't allowed or supposed to eat when he had braces...He said his teeth felt slimy, and was kinda giddy all day...

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