Friday, October 19, 2007

Gilmore Girls...

Tess started watching Gilmore Girls during her fall break -- we have six seasons on DVD, and Tess is impatiently waiting for the last season to come out.

I think she finally finished the episode of the last season this week. She sucked Thor and I in, so now I am working on the fifth season -- although I realized last night I must have missed a couple of episodes or parts of them, because suddenly one of the characters was gone -- she had run off to France. Oh, well. It'll make sense next time.

This is why we buy some TV series on DVD. We watch them when we get them, we watch them again when a new season is coming out, we watch them again when the mood strikes.

Plus they chop up the shows when they go into syndication. They cut out parts of the show and replace them with commercials...I saw part of an episode of friends that was so chopped up it didn't make sense -- they cut out major plot points to sell more cheeseburgers.

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