Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dumbledore's gay...

And the world explodes. I read a comment somewhere -- the commenter was reading the books with her son, and if she had known ahead of time she never would have picked them up...She has read all but the last 100 pages of the 7th book, was never bothered by the pesky idea that Dumbledore was gay, but now that she knows, she will never be able to read them again.

What an idiot. The fact that one of the characters is gay, but you don't even know it until the author mentions that she always thought he was... if that can ruin a book for you, I suggest you stick to Christian lit. It's badly written, boring as sin, but hey! there won't be any of those pesky gay characters to disturb your sad little mind. (Okay, I know not all Christian lit is boring and badly written, but you better stick to the safest stuff to make sure you aren't damaged by being exposed to any ideas that are so offensive to you...and safe is boring.)

I really should avoid reading comments by people who are so completely different from myself...

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