Monday, October 22, 2007

Mojo guilt.

The dogs eat out on the patio now, since they drool incessantly when they hear the words "food" or "hungry"...I always put Mojo's food in his dish first, then Abe's, because Abe does the whole submissive thing and won't eat or take a treat or even sniff food until Mo has his share.

For whatever reason I dumped Abe's food in his dish first, and this apparently threw the dogs off completely. (How the dogs think I have a routine is beyond me, but it seems I am consistent in giving Mo food first). Mojo started eating Abe's food, and when I yelled at him to stop it, he had the first big mouth full of he just spit it back out. Actually he pushed it back out with his tongue. He looked pretty funny, like he was trying to pretend he didn't have a mouthful of Abe's food. Just standing there, looking all innocent, like he wasn't trying to eat Abe's food.


  1. If only dogs could whistle, Abe would have tried looking even more innocent.

    (whistling sound)..mmm..oooh...who me? Food? I have no idea what you are talking about....mmm...oooh..

    (by the way, it is incredibly difficult to simulate whistling like an innocent dog online)

  2. OK, so now it is my turn to fall asleep early and wake up at 11:00 PM energized and talking to myself on your blog.

    I don't think it as sad as you did, but I think it is perilously close to masturbation.

    Anyway, don't GBCW at MLW. In fact, I've made a small step or two at coming back today, and maybe I'll keep it up. If I do, I'll stand with you there (I'm pretty sure Karmafish will too) and I'm certain that if MSOC continues her presence there, the more strident, impassioned, purity police will lighten up.

    If they don't we'll always have these places. Now that we've started again, it all gets easier.

    Although, I'm staying off the "Real Sex" essay. Although there are many cogent points, it all seems like a bit too much chest-beating (I suppose it would be breast-beating, but that just sounds bad). I think the powers-that-be there are blinded by thier own tragic histories, their personal injuries and the inequality inherent in our civlization to be fair about the whole concept.

  3. You caught Mojo's attitude exactly (you said Abe whistling, but I know you meant Mo). That is exactly what it looked like.

    I think what's really bothering me is that people who rant almost incoherently about how horrible republicans are and how awful things they do are sound exactly like the right wing nuts who rant about dems and liberals.

    That, and that several people, in the real sex and rape essays, are speaking for all women and universalizing their experiences onto everyone. But those experiences and attitudes are not universal to women -- but man, did The Fat Lady Sings get annoyed when I disagreed with her...

    Okay. I won't flame out. I have to do the QOTD tomorrow. I am thinking it should be "Why?". That's right, just "Why?". And bonus, that way the essay is already written...


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