Monday, October 29, 2007

Still, not worse than watching a Care Bears movie with Mica...

clipped from
Movie mistake: Families get horror film
April 7, 2007
HOLTSVILLE, N.Y. --An audience expecting to watch a family film was stunned to get an glimpse of a horror movie, which left some parents shaken and the theater chain apologizing for the movie mix-up.

The moviegoers were expecting to see "The Last Mimzy," the PG-rated tale of a brother and sister who discover a mysterious box of toys and become endowed with superhuman powers to help preserve humanity's future.

Instead, the crowd saw the opening scene of "The Hills Have Eyes 2," the R-rated sequel to a recent remake of a 1977 horror classic by the genre's renowned director, Wes Craven. The film centers on National Guard troops who stumble on a clan of mutant cannibals and starts with a chained woman giving birth to a mutant.

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  1. Hope that stuff over at the other place didn't upset you too much.

    You were right, the double standard is weird.

    However, as long as I am there, I'll call bullshit where I see it.

    Madsci did a pretty good job, all in all.

  2. Madsci did a really good job, you did too...the "enough is enough" comment was great.

    But I am inches from done. That was too much personal attack simply because I didn't agree with her highness. It's not entertaining there any more. No fun. So why bother?

  3. Yeah, I'm staying there for right now, mostly out of loyalty to MSOC. She directly asked me not to bail because of Diane. Sometimes, being friends is heck!! Plus, I live near MSOC, so we actually are friends.

    But I'm pretty sure unless Rachel comes back (who orignated the series) that I'm not going to be allowed to do a QOTD anytime soon.

  4. Yeah, I don't see that happening...

    Their loss.


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