Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Changes and stuff...

I discovered "Clipping" today -- I use ClipMarks to grab images and words from various websites and throw the stuff here. Cool.

That way I can add a couple of images from the Japanese fashion story so easy. And a clip from USA Today about the military advertising for recruits on a gay website, even though the fact that anyone comments or posts on that website makes them ineligible to join the military. (don't ask don't tell is stupid, by the way).

I also discovered that I have saved drafts of a couple posts, so I finished them, but they ended up in chronological order for when I started them. So you must scroll down to find the two I just posted...Or don't. Read everything, it wastes more time.


  1. I read them all, but only when I got home. I spent too much time online today in your QOTD and Cali's Essay.

    It wasn't a waste of time (lord knows, I've complained about that enough). The GLEE story was just proof that our bureaucracy is as incompetent as I always thought it was.

    You seem to like the funny Japanese stuff. Were you and the family staioned there?

    Wow, what another drama filled day at MLW! And I hardly caused any.

  2. I have never been to Japan, but my niece took Japanese in high school and majored in it in college. Plus my kids love Japanese anime, and one of my favorite directors is Japanese. I can't think of his name now, but he did Howl's Moving Castle. And the Japanese are weird and strange and interesting...

    The GLEE story, the part I left out, was that the GLEE site job listing is part of Monster Jobs or Monster Boards - whatever that website is, and they, without talking to the military folks, added the job listings to the GLEE board. Maybe. Or maybe they are just once again covering their behinds. If they got over their ridiculous homophobia, they wouldn't have problems like this.

    Oh, my gosh, the drama at MLW today was insane...That certain person was rather out of control. I think she was thinking her response to the CALIFORNIA essay was going to get her pats on the back, and she got very defensive when people objected... It was ridiculous to keep claiming it was rich white people who were threatened. You and Caliberal showed great restraint, I thought.

    I stayed far away from it. I do not need that drama...


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