Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh, my gosh...THOR IS 15!!!

Thor is 15 today. That is slightly freaking me out...he could get his driver's permit in 7 months if we were staying here. (I don't know what the rules are in Alaska, so dunno when he is going to get his license...) That really freaks me out. This is the same child who seems to pride himself on his inability to find milk in the refrigerator...or his ass with both hands and a map.

However, he also gets himself up (sorta -- I just have to usually do one "hey Thor" to get him motating) for school, and he does his homework, he takes his school ID with him (since his high school is in an industrial park, he has to have his ID around his neck at all times).

But. He does most things with a book in one hand, and can be completely oblivious to everything around him. Driving with Thor will be more fraught than it was with Zeke..


  1. Congrats to Thor.

    And don't worry about the book thing. I'm 49 and stil read while driving (unless my bride is with me, it drives her nuts).

    I've only been in a few accidents!

    As I noted on my humble spot, I was working. Your information there was very helpful...if I understood HTML, but I'll get it.

    But it was fun reading your conversation with Casey. You're almost as happily disturbed as I am.

  2. Try messing around with can figure it out. It ain't rocket science, or Casey could do it...

    And hey! Thor walks home from the bus stop while reading, so maybe he can do two things at once. Stranger things have happened...

    Plus he views driving as an activity that actually requires you to pay attention. And he will learn to drive in Alaska, which means dealing with ice and snow driving...


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