Saturday, April 12, 2008

Zach's Big Day.

Zach's cell phone he doesn't like.

It won't hold a charge.

It dies after ten minutes of use.

It flips open. It doesn't have video.

On the other hand, it dies after ten minutes of use. Very handy when not in the mood
to talk -- "my phone is dying! Sorry!" and hang up.


Today he is happy happy happy.

Today he has a venus.

It slides.

It takes movies.

It can play music.

It has a touch screen.

When you turn it on, the opening image flows across both screens. Very cool.

I am happy too.

Because I got a deal on it -- I extended my contract, but I saved $175.


My phone is not cool.

My phone doesn't slide.

My phone doesn't play music.

It holds a charge, though, and it knows all the phone numbers of my favorite people.

1 comment:

  1. My phone also shows me what the time is.. hehehehe Very handy because I dont wear a watch..

    cheers kim


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