Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wait! It's Thursday already?

Thirteen Random Photographs and Their Explanations.

  1. Flowers in my front yard.
  2. Whilst Photoshopping yesterday, I got this image. I think I can repeat it, but maybe not. I have not the bestest memory...
  3. Abe after one of his surgeries. Abe is almost back to normal!!!!!YAY!!!! He isn't limping anymore, his leg muscle is building up again -- his thigh muscle really atrophied with all the problems he was having. He will have some arthritis in that knee, and cold mornings in Alaska may be kinda tough on him...But he is very much getting back to the Abe we know and love.
  4. This is the kind of stuff you find in your computer when you have teenage gamer boys. This is Kirby as a ninja, I think. Or a robot.
  5. I love my external hard drive. I dump all my digital photos and the photo editing programs on there, since I have I don't know, 10,000 or 12,000 digital photos...Unfortunately as usual I screwed something up -- perhaps because of impatience on my part -- the off button DOES NOTHING. I have to disconnect the power cord to turn it off. Sheesh.
  6. Zeke and Thor skiing in the Austrian Alps. This was way fun.
  7. Can you say attitude? Tess did not like that shrug at all and was rather pissed I made her try it on, and even more annoyed that I reacted to her pissiness by taking a photo of it...
  8. One would like to think that a school would be all about proper punctuation. One would be wrong.
  9. One of my favorite places in Tucson -- a Tucson Sidewinders minor league game at Tucson Electric Park.
  10. This is a road near my house. Off to my right as I took this picture there's a big gas station, but the photo looks like it was taken way out in the country. This was taken on a morning this winter when there was snow above 4000' in the mountains.
  11. Fourth of July at a Sidewinders game. I was playing with the fireworks setting on my camera, and it worked! Woot!
  12. The top side of a rainy day.
  13. Thor and Tess like to wear rash guards when they go swimming. They discovered that once the shirts are soaking, they can breath into them and fill them with air.

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