Friday, April 04, 2008


Here are some random images from Rome. Rome is fascinating. You can be walking down the street and see ancient ancient bits and be reminded humans have lived there for a incredibly long time.

Like this bit of ancient wall, with the city built up around it.

Or this site, on a busy street corner.

And the Pantheon, a pagan temple converted to Roman Catholicism, and a stunning bit of architecture. It is a perfect sphere, with a sky hole. It is seriously amazing.

It was rainy and cold.

It rained pretty hard on Easter Sunday.

But we actually did get some sunshine, in the late afternoon.

Blue sky!

It's overwhelming, the juxtaposition of ancient with old with modern.

It's a most awe inspiring city.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I had the same thoughts sometimes in Japan when I'd see things that had been there forever. It's almost eerie, but in a good way, being surrounded by the past. So much of America seems to be only about 10 minutes old in comparison, all so darn new. Really great shots, and I love that you are sharing your trip in case I don't make it there. It's on my list, but so are lots of things ;)

  2. It's on my list too, I really hope to see that someday! Lovely pictures but it would have been so much more enjoyable without that "Belgian" weather! You really look cold there on that picture!

  3. Great pictures Julie. I really like the one with blue sky.

  4. Great. I love pictures of places I've never been to. And your pictures are good.

  5. Oh, I want to go, I want to go! I became addicted to Lindsey Davis's mystery series set in ancient Rome years back, and ever since, Rome has been very high on the places I WILL get to one of these days!


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