Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thirteen things I find incomprehensible...

Thirteen Things I find incomprehesible...

  1. The Price is Right. Really, I do not get who watches this show, and how it can still be on the air.
  2. Air Fresheners. Chemicals that either numb your nose or coat it. Seems like a really really bad idea to me.
  3. Tabloid magazines. I have absolutely no interest in the secret or not-so-secret lives of celebrities. I don't care what George Clooney or Brad Pitt ate for breakfast.
  4. Trigonometry.
  5. American Idol. I know, you love it. I don't get it. It is not interesting, and I hate the first episodes with all those extremely pathetic people who think they can sing.
  6. Anyone voluntarily eating coconut.
  7. Russian.
  8. Income Tax forms. I fall on my knees every year and thank God for those volunteers who take my big pile of anxiety and weird papers and turn it into a pile of money for me.
  9. Hair stylists who intrepret "short and spiky"as "leave me really long and horribly damaged bangs in a style I could not replicate with a team of stylists and a vat of gel".
  10. Peeps. Who the hell eats these things?
  11. Light beer.
  12. Economics.
  13. Soap operas. I do not have the attention span to care about a character on a TV show for decades. Although I did watch one for a while -- it had vampires. Anyone know which show that was?

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  1. Tabloid magazines ~ there are no words :)

  2. I'm OK with freshening the air, but it's usually done to cover up something horrible that needs to actually be fixed, removed, burned or otherwise handled, and then it's just wrong. Tabloids are silly, too. Fun TT!

  3. Talking negatively about "The Price Is Right" is fighting words to my best friend's wife, lol.

    I am going to guess and say that you used to watch "Dark Shadows".

  4. Malcom -- I had forgotten Dark Shadows...I did watch Dark Shadows when I was very young...But this was in the 90's, and they had a vampire slayer. I think it may be been a spin off of General Hospital, but I am not sure...

  5. I don't get the appeal of lots of things. Too many to list! When I was in college I used to watch soaps. I haven't watched in years...and a few weeks ago I was surfing in the afternoon and came upon the soap I used to watch. Same people. Different spouses :-)

  6. OK, now I know what show you are talking about... it's called "Port Charles". You are right, it was a spinoff of GH. Although I didn't watch it regularly, I caught bits and pieces of it.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my T13.

  7. Malcom, that's it! Port Charles. Thanks!

  8. The Adams family? LOL!!
    That was not a soap, was it?
    I don't watch a lot of television either, so ...
    Light beer would be on my list too, same as Dutch beer! That equals I think! If I want to drink beer, i want the real stuff!

  9. LOL. I can TOTALLY see you watching Dark Shadows. You RAWK baby!!!

    But...I like American Idol. You're totally messing up the I am we are you are me vibe dude. Bummer.

  10. Marilyn10:38 PM

    1. two words - Clar-ice
    2. and tabasco sauce smells just like the most obnoxious air freshener
    3. not even the 45 pound cat stories?
    4. calculus
    5. Simon is a grouch
    6. Mounds Bars um-um-good, and you have at least one niece and nephew who agree with me
    7. borscht, to be specific
    8. Turbo Tax, which my husband believes simplifies taxes enough so I can do them rather than an accountant. I'm spending the tax refund on whatever I want.
    9. my hairdresser told me she got sick in the middle of threading a woman's eyebrows last week, so she could only finish one. I didn't ask if she charged her only half-price.
    10. mica
    11. hop-py beer
    12. yep. Did Mr. S. still wear mustard gold polyester pants when you took it?
    13 Dark Shadows

  11. Marilyn10:39 PM

    And now I took the time to read everyone else's comments. yep, Port Charles was the vampire one.

  12. Couldn't agree more about Trig, economics, and soap operas. I never got any of them.

  13. I like 'Price'. I don't much care for Drew Carey as the host - Bob was ever so much better - other than that - I'm right there with you.

  14. I do my own taxes and love it!!!

    Of course, I didn't file for 25 years, so that may not be the exact truth.

    I agree with the first month of American Idol, it is atrocious. I also don't like the age limit (why can't I be a Rock God!!).

    But my wife and daughter have forced me to watch it, and it is good to see the young talent out there. Although the whole stage parent thing is a little scary.

    Great List, Julie!!

  15. I can't stand American Idol because it's obviously a beauty/personality contest. Most of the contestants are one step up from karaoke bar singers. And they are so damn IGNORANT about previous music and seem proud of it!
    I especially hate the first part.If I want to watch the Gong Show, I'd watch the Gong Show--it was a lot funnier and a lot less mean!!!

    I get Russian. I can't learn it--the declensions drove me mad--but I GET it. But lots of the old folk in my Bronx neighborhood spoke it, so to me it has a comforting sound :)


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