Friday, April 18, 2008

Creepy Spooky Weirdness.

A couple nights ago...

Wait. First I have to explain the stupidity that is my ceiling fan in the bedroom. You flip the switch on the wall and the fan or light comes on, right? No. You flip the switch and then search for the remote to turn on the light and or fan. It's under the bed again, where it landed after being kicked off the bedpost in the middle of the night. Not about the computer desk? It lands there The shelves by the bed. Not there. Finally hunt it down in the fridge. Apparently I was clutching it while in search of a midnight snack and abandoned it in favor of leftover pizza.

Also, remember Mark is in Alaska, so it's just me and the kids and the dogs and the guinea pigs in the house. I am the de facto alpha creature. (I'm always the alpha creature, even when Mark is home -- hi, honey -- but when Mark's gone, I have to be the grown up and all that...)

Just kidding, there, about the alpha creature thing over Mark. Just kidding, honey...

So mostly we don't use the damn overhead light, because of the stupidity of the remote. But a couple nights ago I used the overhead lights, and when I went to bed I turned off the lights and put the remote on the shelf by my bed. I fell asleep and had a weird dream (I'll spare you the details. Even I find it boring.) that culminated in me having a little girl on a bike crash into me. I woke up, with the attendant every nerve jangling feeling -- you know the feeling? Like when you dream you step off a curb and you jar yourself awake... I was laying there for a minute, wishing this stupid jangling tingly feeling would quit already, when


It was a little freaky. I was already feeling all creepy, because of the dream and the jangly feeling, and then boom. Suddenly the ceiling light is on. I could see the remote, right where I left it on the top shelf of the bookcase by my bed. It wasn't where the dog could have stepped on it, I wasn't laying on it, a book hadn't tipped over onto it.

I am not superstitious. I don't believe in ghosts. Mojo was sleeping right next to me, and he wasn't staring at nothing in the corner of the room, his hairs weren't standing on end, he was snoring a little. Abe was sound asleep in the corner.

So I laid there for a minute, kinda freaked out, wondering what the hell is going on. This ceiling light/fan/remote thing doesn't work all that well -- I almost always have to hit the button a couple times to get it to do what I want -- so for it to just turn on, Weird...

Eventually I turned it off and went back to sleep.

The next evening, Thor and I were watching TV in my did it again.

So I flipped the switch to off before I went to bed that night.


  1. Maybe it is the Hanta mice!!!

    Now you'll stay up worrying about that.

    Tee Hee

  2. Ewww, this is weird Julie!!
    Ghosties !!!!

  3. Oh, that is so strange. We used to have a sensor on our bedside lamp...where you just touch the base and it would turn off. With that...I would often wake-up to find it on. Or if they power went out in the night...the light always came on with the flicker. But a ceiling fan. Most strange.

  4. Ceiling fans are really odd things anyway. OK, they aren't. But yours is :)

  5. mmm Maybe your fan just wanted to see you again.. hehehehe

    cheers kim

  6. Well, thanks all for making me feel better about my haunted ceiling fan!

  7. You are probably the victim of a stray source of infrared light. TV remote in a neighbors house. Some kid playing jokes. Who knows? But I'm willing to bet that's what it is.

  8. You have my permission to use my photos any way you would like.

  9. Creepy. But...y'know....turning on a light isn't too bad on the scary spectrum. I could have been a waving-around-a-decapitated-bloody-head-and-moaning kind of thing. That's worse.


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