Wednesday, April 02, 2008


(You really need to click on this one to enlarge it, so you can really see the sideburns...)

(This is a close up of the top of the tower in the photo below.)

Not the most angelic Baby Jesus I saw in Rome. It's more like Jesus as a 40 year old Elvis impersonator.


  1. Oh my!! Is it also wrong to say that they both look like they need to discover eyebrow waxing?

  2. No, Donna, we noticed the tendency toward unibrow ourselves.

  3. Wauw, all the way up on that high tower and you saw that!!!

  4. Wow. Somebody went pretty heavy on the Burnt Umber. What kind of camera do you shoot?

  5. I have an Olympus E 410 with two lenses. I like it a lot, other than the noise reduction -- I have to turn it off, or it softens away too much detail. Photoshop and Picasa are helpful in improving the color and contrast sometimes.

    With the detail shot, I bumped up the color and the contrast, because it was a little washed out. Perhaps something to do with the overcast gray day.

  6. Silly Wabbit!!

    Everybody knows that Elvis was really a Jesus impersonator.

    Heck, my Elvis impersonator was a ginger with a bad black wig.

    And he was ordained (OK, it was in the Church of "Dude"ism)...but he really shined at the re-wedding!!

  7. I actually was sidetracked by the bricks.. I am working on a 'tower theme' in class at the moment and I was spirited away to a ceramic tangent..

    creepy eyes... eeew...


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