Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners is the fevered brainchild of Lotus. More winners can be found HERE!!!

On Thursday, I mentioned that I have a bunch of religious icons, in response to Tasina's thirteen random facts about herself. Here they are, in all their glow in the dark glory...okay, only one really glows in the dark -- this Jesus from the Mission san Xavier del bac in Tucson.

There's a little gargoyle, actually a Halloween decoration from Target. A miniature Neuschwanstein castle, the glowy Jesus, a silver cat, and one of my favorite things, the really cheerful Buddha on a very happy frog on a pile of money. (See all those Harry Potter books? I had to buy two of each, to save myself from listening to the boys fight about who got to read each first...)

My two newest acquisitions, the silver Mary and Baby Jesus is from Venice, and Ganesh is from a shop in Assissi. (I think that's Ganesh, and that's how you spell Ganesh.)

Oaxacan day of the dead carving -- I love the little skeleton baby on the skeleton mama's back. A skull from Pisa, Italy. The cat box was carved by my grandfather, who came to the United States from Norway when he was 19. The book on the left, Little Big Man, I stole from my brother. It's a UK version, and I love the heft of it. Once in a while I find a book that I just really like the feel of, and this is one of them.

Let's see...there is an Egyptian god in the back, two Polish carvings that I think are old Jewish guys holding ducks. I have no idea why they are holding ducks -- anybody have any ideas? There's a little glass Buddha in the front, and the Japanese Buddha incense burner on the left was owned by my grandparents -- the same one who carved that cat box. (I know I said I am not a cat person, but my sister got the matching dog box.) The Japanese Buddha is a Japanese trade goods item, we think.

My creepy doll. I loved this doll. The head is from a garden center in The Netherlands.

Me and Tess, with a Cannibalistic god from New Zealand, and a cool thing my sister gave me.

There are a couple NA fetishes and some worry dolls from South America, plus a wooden soldier from Prague and an idol my brother-in-law got for me in Nepal.

Zach went to the prom last night...He was not very cooperative, so I only got a couple

And now for something completely different...

This is the only soccer trophy Thor kept. He calls it his Bill Clinton trophy. Look at that
face. It really does sort of look like Clinton.

I have another commentary, just a random assortment of
my most favorite photos, in a larger format. Check it out!


  1. Hi Julie, I was hoping you'd post a picture of Zach in his Prpm's outfit! Wow, is he handsome!!
    I love your weird doll, looks like you have souvenirs from all over the world! Have a great Sunday!

  2. Awesome shots and so much fun! I love seeing what people have on their bookshelves, and you've got all kinds of good stuff.

    Zach is looking like far more the stud than my prom date.

  3. I am smiling away down here.. I bow down at the altar of J.K Rowling.. I am sure that Dave would have been a reader.. Harry Potter just addicted him to big meaty series of books.. he is into the 5th book of a 15 book set at the mo..

    Zach is seriously cute.. Well done woman..

    cheers kim xxx

  4. Zach is a handsome fella!! Great shots, all of them. :D

  5. Great pics, except the doll kind of freaked me out. Zach is handsome!

    Mine are up now. :)

  6. What a cool set of pictures - very different!

    Ditto Maggie...Zach looks way hotter than my prom date did. :-D

  7. I had to go through the pictures twice because the first time I was just reading your book titles. It's scary how much those look like my shelves. But. Of course. No glow in the dark Jesus on mine.

  8. What a cutie you have! Oh wait. Is he too old for that? Handsome. I mean handsome.

  9. I love the creepy doll! :) And the one with you and Tess. And the ones of Zach. :)

  10. The creeepy doll is well...creepy. And Zach is a cutie. I am glad you got a few photos.

  11. You've got one handsome man there... and a very creepy doll. :)The icon collection is fabulous, though, as well as your taste in books.

    Great WWs!

  12. ahh i love the day of the dead figure!!

  13. You sure have an eye for detail. Hmm...being a Mommy I wonder how on earth all of that stays in order and dusted! :P haha.
    "Me and Tess" is my favorite.

  14. ROFL! that does look a bit like Bill Clinton :) That doll does look a bit creepy now, but I bet it was darling years ago. Hope Zach had a wonderful night at prom!

  15. That is one creepy doll, and one happy handsome prom date. Whoever the lucky partner was, I hope they enjoyed their dance.

  16. Thanks, all -- Zach and his girlfriend apparently had a great time. And now he has a swelled head, since he saw your comments about how handsome he is (I agree completely -- and he's polite and charming and friendly. Every mom's dream. Except for when he's being the snarly teenager...)

    They don't actually stay dusted, not in Arizona, I had to crop one photo because you could see all the dust on the shelf above! But my kids are 18, 15, and 11, so I don't have to babyproof any more, but my stuff does get "borrowed" for their bookcases in their rooms. (It works both ways -- the skull is actually my daughter's!)

  17. Zack looks great in the prom stuff...for being uncooperative, he's still smiling....I usually only get a grimace as mine exits in a tux. Anyway, who knew Bill Clinton had to moonlight as a model for soccer trophies? AND also, everyone should have at least one glow in the dark Jesus.


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